Local Train

A day to remember, an unforgettable experience. A time in your life when
your world stops and goes in slow motion so that you can grasp all that life
has to offer. A journey which unknowingly, brings people together
independent of communalism. I still remember the time when I wanted
to ride on Harry Potter’s Broomstick and the local train was the closest I
ever got to that wish.

Even when I see a child in the train, fascinated and happy, looking around
in eagerness to the people around and imagining the train will fly just like
in Doraemon. This all creativity still fascinates me and I hope you people
too, have had a similar experience. Fast Forward to the present I still think
that every train brings a different story, a new experience. Out of all the
collections of stories I have, there is one story I wish to share…

One day, I left home to go for an examination near Churchgate station. As
always I ran to catch the train couple of minutes early. I really don’t know
but this wishing to catch the train couple of minutes early gets the
adrenaline pumping. That day I heard People chanting prayers. I wasn’t
able to read anything through the whole journey, sometime after I
stopped myself from overthinking and really listened to all the prayers the
love, the care, the companionship towards each other and towards the
lord was really magnificent. This love, fondness could spread warmth to

Well, one might see the crowdedness, perspiration, unbalanced people
but I bet u have had an occurrence where you are sitting lone finding new
idea, looking at the sceneries and appreciating the nature with trees and
squirrels around, waiting for your ontime train to blabber with someone
you don’t even know or sometimes even eavesdropping on someone’s
mom’s phone call wouldn’t u loved that!

Perhaps, You might even have trash-talked inside a train or some loving
conversation with your loved ones or even had the anxiety to get a place to
sit. All the experiences brings something new to the table. The feeling of
getting inside the train, the running to get up the stairs before everyone
else, the substandard seating, and taking the 4th place in a 3 tier seat; the
comfort of reading amongst the chaos, all are true-life experience that the
local train has left the unknowing mark even for the 15-minute journey, all
that the life had ever wanted to show us. So when are you starting your train
journey again?

-Pavan Agarwal