There are hundred reasons to hate this quarantine and give curses,
But here are a myriad of benefits;
Faded memories are back to life,
That were lost in this metro’s stress and strife;
To them, I am now available,
For whom, giving my time was unaffordable;
All that they needed was my time,
that I could not give to the people whom I call mine!;
My childhood games are back in trend,
Finally found some time to message an old friend;
Some really great books that were biting dust,
Are helping me keep my thoughts away from the negative rust;
Ears that feared the alarm’s ring,
Are happy to hear the birds sing;
Eyes that were lost in screenshots, PDFs and files,
are happy to revisit old photos of good times and smiles;
In the haste of catching the bus or train,
I had forgotten what was the taste of the grain;
But now I realised, that it tastes soo nice,
To calmly enjoy each grain of rice;
Away from all the fake world drama,
For the first time I stood in my balcony and enjoyed the panorama;
Though caught in this national lockdown,
It gives me a chance to learn something new and don it like a crown!