This is a non-fiction essay based on true life incidents of the author.

A day after winter and before summer in spring season. Ideal temperatures make citizens pursue cool outdoor adventures and enjoy comfy evenings. People are rushing to Stanford University to attend a convocation ceremony whose chief guest was a pioneer, most successful person and a former student of Stanford university.

The most awaited moment arrived, he began to deliver the speech. Many thoughtful amateurs had numerous questions to ask, and there came an enthusiastic girl standing up to ask a question , “ Sir , do you still love ? I was very eager to know do people love in this age and after becoming a successful person like you?”. Then he gave a simple smile and told, “Once there lived a kid named ‘Lallu’ in a small town on the banks of Bay of Bengal , he’s a very naughty boy who doesn’t care about anything. One day when he was on his way to hindi language tutorial center suddenly a girl called ‘Mounika’ approached him and began talking. Boy started to take care of her , everything changed in his life after her approach vice versa. After Some memorable days both families travelled somewhere away from each other.

A teenager named ‘Samir’ who lives in the misty busy streets of the city, falls in love with a girl called ‘Kavya Karim’ in his school. They have started to talk to each other, solving problems, cheating in exams very sooner both became close to each other. Those are his most auspicious moments. When all things are going on the right path Samir finds betrayal from his own friend. Kavya Karim and Sadu Iqbal were in love with each other.

It was the most memorable day , Students are overwhelmed to attend their first ever day of Secondary high school. Many fresh and joyful faces approaching each other, making new friends, playboys waiting for beautiful girls etc. ‘Aryan’ an enthusiastic boy with many dreams to be fulfilled went straight away into his class and sat beside his best friend ‘Bhaskar’. When the moment he rolled down the window , a shaft of sunshine fell directly on a charming girl ‘Siri’. It was the sunshine which made Siri more alluring and bewitching. Class started, all the eyes were on the professor but his eyes were gluten to her. As days passed by…”

(Back to Convocation…)

“Love has no age, no limit and no death. In a piece of cake “Love is immortal”. Age is an issue of mind over matter, if you dont mind your age, it doesn’t matter. Love just needs a pure heart to bond.

I had fallen in love with Mounika when I was a kid(Lallu) , I’ve fallen in love when I did not know what is love and our destiny parted away. I had fallen in love with Kavya Karim when I was in my Teens(Samir). That made my heart bleed and broken in pain. Sometimes broken hearts heals and rebuild into the most beautiful one , pain and grieving makes you stronger.

Those are the life stories of former Stanford student, a pioneer, a person who travelled from nothing to something Lallu Samir Aryan , aka Lallu, aka Samir, aka Aryan, aka me and I’m proud to say that i’m still in love with Siri. I was nothing but a secondary high school student with many unfilled dreams when I fell in love with her. Even after filling my dreams and standing in front of you, my love towards her has not decreased. I would rather say it became more”. Supposably I can give my answer to your question in one word.

“Love is Immortal”

-Lalith Veerla