Being a rebellious, feisty teenager, quite a heretic to the staunch belief in love I
surely was;
The most aspired dream of walking in the hallway hand in hand was sadly my
darkling nightmare filled with flaws.

I thought to myself that this serious aberration of mine must be put abed;
Or else I will soon be mistaken for someone intimidating instead.

Does the tummy really growl in excitement, with varied emotions gushing down
the blood stream?
Or is it just like a veil of happiness that the body bears when fed with a layer of

“The knight in shining armour” there he was with the charm of a gem and a
persona that made me gasp with an elated smile;
But, I abhor to say that abstaining love was still my style.

His decorous words badgered me to give in this time;
But yet again, quarrelling my own inhibitions I sat there gazing away aimlessly
in mime.

He snapped his finger to draw me back;
Concluding his sentence by casually using the 3 magical words my dictionary

I will not refute the fact that I was completely stubbed and hesitant by this
sudden gesture of so called “love”;
But at the same time I could feel those emotions gushing down my blood which I
couldn’t help to shove.

With all these contradicting thoughts running through the cerebrum of my
Little did I realise that all this while my hand was tightly clutched onto his,
drenched in the most romantic rain.

I stood there in despair while he swiftly moved his lips through mine;
Clenched his arms around me and asked me if I was fine.

I shut my eyes and frantically opened them back, just in time to push him farther
away from my inhibition;
“I’m sorry” I said in a low key voice and he politely stepped back with utmost

I could hear his footsteps fade by while all I knew for myself was that I tried and
But just when I heard no thumping feet I wept and cried.

It took me a while to pull myself back only to realise that those tears were for
“my” love ;
And every time my tummy growled, my conscience said to me that these weren’t
emotions I could shove?

I ran with all happy feet thumping;
And my heart full of elated beats pumping.

I could see a blurry face from a distance;
But I could already tell that it was a sight of complete irresistance

I shouted his name and reached him feeling breathless already;
I didn’t want to waste more time because I wanted this one to go steady.

I thought it was stereotyped to be a guy thing;
But with all the running away from love I did, it had to be me on one knee with
the ring.

It took me by surprise with all the haste in which he said yes;
Finally protected in his arms I realised how easy it was to get out of all this

He slid his lips through mine brushing off all the thoughts that had conquered
my mind;
You realise that it is all an illusion till you meet the best man you can ever find.

My romantic instincts may be a complete fail,
But still I cannot wait to tell my kids about my unrealistic fairy tale.

– Bhoomika Shah