Mental Depression

Every morning when we wake up, we wish for two most things- a morning which is perfectly good and a fresh start. But it’s not easy unless you let go your past. Our brain has power to store many good as well as bad memories which are very vivid. For us to be strong, sharp, happy etc we need our mind to be at quiet and calm by making peace with our past. Our brain plays very important role for our well being. If our brain functions well, we can lead our life very well. If our mind is not in proper state of mind by being chaotic and not in proper state, it affects our entire well being as a human being.

The most common mental issue we all go through is depression. For me to
define depression, it is a condition in which person is extremely sad, go through
many mood swings, keep thinking about bad memories and not interested in
doing any activity thus affecting a person’s daily routine. Depression is common
in everyone and the most common is among teens and early adults. Teens and
adults are a particular period where they wish to be with their peers more
parents. They find moral support, love and care in friends more than parents.
They enjoy spending time with them and consider them to be important part of
your life. More of this can lead to peer pressure. You wish to be with them in
most of hangouts and substance. This not only affects you person as whole but
rift between parent and child. This can result in more of a stress. There is a say
that humans are social animal and main key for survival is communication.
There are bunch of those who are introvert, shy, lonely etc. Even though they
wish for a friend but cannot make one due to lack of social skills. Such are
considered to be weak and tend to be submissive who can be easily dominated
in exchange of friendship. When a bunch of kids does not accept her as a friend,
is treated as an outcast, prone to eve teasing, bullying, body shaming,
discrimination, cyber bullying where derogatory comments are made on your
photos etc leads to depression.

Every child wishes for a proper family who lives in harmony and peace. Teens
that live in dysfunctional family where one of parent is divorced or both parents
are constant or ugly argument totally loses peace of mind and hope for
seclusion. Sometimes favoring your siblings over your wish not granted leads to
disappointment. There are parents who are overbearing, controlling, abusive
and want things according to your way. They want their kids to excel in
everything and expect perfection in every aspect. They prefer to be
authoritative and blame them and strict action against them as the only way to
discipline their children. Instead of comforting their own child of their own
mistakes they tend to be harsh. These kinds of treatment can affect them
mentally and emotionally. Often times parents abuse their position as parents
and act cruel with them forgetting that they are humans with emotions who
have every right for their freedom, action, and decision making, for their
parents to be backbone. Due to the attitude of the parents, children tend to
keep their sorrow, insecurities, secrets etc. Such depression drives them
towards suicide, destroying themselves, isolation etc. Parents tend to compare
their child’s performance with others making them feel low. Due to all this
children tend to question their own existence and own importance. They
become more conscious of physical appearance and feel low self esteemed.
They tend to consume drugs and tranquilizers to calm themselves.

In order to get over your depression we should consult it to psychiatrist. They
are the one who can hear your problem and help you get over it. If you are
strong enough you can get over it by yourself. Avoid consuming drugs as it can
affect your mental health even more. Engage in an activity that can make you
happy. Ragging, bullying and cyber bullying is criminal offence and report it to
higher authorities and police rather hiding it. Parents should be less
authoritative and have calm approach towards yours kids. Being smart and
confident is the only way toward making friends. It matters a lot in moulding
teen’s mentality. After all we are the future.

-Mridhuna Baiju