My Brain-waves….

This is a story of the time when teensy-weensy nanoscopic non-living beings called Coronavirus took over the world and put humanity in hiding. Everyone stayed put at home, and just in case someone had to venture out; oh, the things they had to wear! These people looked more like astronauts than astronauts themselves!

So basically, most people were just stuck at home with nothing to do, and that’s when I had a brainwave which almost caused my death. I decided to learn cooking….

Having embarked on this culinary journey, I first started with finding something easy to make on the net. I finally found one dish simple enough for me to make and more importantly whose ingredients were ‘readily’ available at home, Dalgona Coffee- a cold latte with coffee foam on top. ‘Readily’ as in, though my mom had almost the whole super-market at home (read hoarding), she was not ready to part with any ingredients. But finally, I coaxed her into giving me some milk, coffee powder and sugar out of my monthly ration (Ah! I didn’t tell you about it, did I? My mom had rationed all the food and we would get only a miniscule amount daily to barely keep us alive).

Finally, I started out with making this coffee. To whisk the coffee powder, the sugar and water; I poured them all into the blender and started it. But boy! I had forgotten something important, the lid of the blender. The concoction just started flying out. Some parts of the walls got painted with a new dusky colour and I was scared stiff. My mom was definitely going to murder me over this ‘little’ incident.

But then I had another brainwave more bizarre than attempting to learn to cook. I decided to paint the whole kitchen this way. While my mom was sleeping, I got hold of the entire stock of sugar and coffee powder in the house. And I did the unthinkable. I crammed it all into the blender along with water, put the blender in the middle of the room without the lid and started it at the highest possible speed.

Well, I achieved my objective. The walls got painted, even the ceiling actually. But the state of the other appliances and the crockery in the kitchen…. Oh boy oh boy, they were all dripping coffee.

And that’s the moment my mom chose to walk into the kitchen. Like a deer in the headlights, I just stared at her; scared as hell. I felt that at any moment now, my mom was going to pounce on me and tear me to shreds. But I needn’t have worried, one look at the mess and mom just fell into a swoon and crashed onto the floor. I helped my mom into the bed and cleaned up the mess as best as I could.

While doing this I got another brain-wave, one that topped them all; but that’s a story for another time….

Salil Narvekar