My Gratitude!

My gratitude to the father who never wanted a babygirl,
For his progeny should be a boy to take ahead his lineage.
A discourteous son helps his misconception gets unfurl,
Being unwary to father’s senility in his old age.

My gratitude to the saint who makes girls marry trees,
For they have presence of Mars in their astrological chart’s house,
Mars’ symbolic of zeal and of passion which you wish to seize,
Why do we forget that lack of this passion can only bring chaos.

My gratitude to all the men who say women lack physical strength,
Gunjan and Rajan were the epitome of strength in the Kargil war.
Usha who won gold sprinting 400 metres of length,
Remember, noone can restrain a vigorous woman’s roar.

My gratitude to the men who supported the glass ceiling,
For bringing a glass cannon into existence all screaming.
Forwhy these men are truly benefactors to my evolution,
Now, being a malevolent to my oppressors is my ultimate resolution.

– Mansift Kaur