My Homeland

This is a story of a small community voicing out their truth after they were
tortured and forced to leave their homeland. Pain is in still in their heart and no justice was given to them till date.

We worked hard and lived with prosperity,
But we were betrayed and pushed to disparity,
We earned top positions in government,
But we were exiled and put to live in cantonment,
We ensured that our children excelled in education,
But we witnessed genocide and were forced to flee the nation,
We used to live happily and celebrate festivals with sweets,
But our women were harassed and raped in streets,
We fought for your independence and demanded national unity,
But you weaponized our region, and we were denied any immunity,
We taught you the freedom and helped you frame a constitution,
But you took away our rights, and our capital became a spot for prostitution,
We helped your nation to become prosperous,
But no one showed gratitude to voice for us,
We appealed for help in the union of many nation,
But the judgment kept on delaying till we all fled our nation,
We built the temple, mosque, and church by selling all our grains,
But no God helped us to save us from gruelling pain,
We never asked any help from our ancestral nation,
But they were generous enough to leak all our information,
We begged we cried we fought we retaliated we even crawled,
But in response, we were …………

-Rahul V