Nature was created by God,
Man then followed.
Huge water body, the sea,
Where one should be.
Mesmerising with white capped waves
And at the sight all the tension it waives!
The roars from the sea,
And the over it the light breeze go ‘wheeeeee’!
Unique smell of the ocean air,
Alas, all of this destroyed by modern warfare!
Now on to the forest,
Where one gets peace and rest!
The trees that stand still and fulfil our need
We fail to respect, all for our greed!
Total destruction of animal habitat,
Are we playing chauvinists or aristocrats?
Wait! It’s not too late,
To revert Nature’s present fate!
Not by using a sharp tool and knife,
Certainly not talking another’s life.
Together let’s take a stand,
Sans anger, sans greed just simple hand in hand!
For there’s something that we can still do,
Can’t you see, look around you?
Almost everything gone,
Do you wish for this day to dawn?
Let’s save Nature, Let’s save Mother Earth,
Our beautiful planet that nurtured us at birth

Dersh Savla