She got the stains,
she feels the pain.
Pain in her gaps,
red in her pants.

Furious mood swings kept her awake,
All those emotions drain like a quick race.
Bars of chocolate she wanted for a half,
Chubby or sexy she don’t care at all.

Shivers, sweat sometimes cold,
Following laws of seasons is a kind of old.
Her back, her legs, her waist told her to stop,
Her mind yelled,“I want to shop!”

Countless positions she tried to fall a sleep,
She counted all the night, 1 sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep..
With this burning anguish she carried her style,
“I am fine”, she replied with a smile.

Grouching on everyone throughout the day,
Struggling for the comfort,“ How can I say?”
It’s just a matter of days, so just hear it out,
She’s girl and she can roar it loud.

Pain in her gaps,
red in her pants….

– Parth Jhaveri