Peace & Her

It’s a Sunday, and a boring one at that. I want to do something, anything but as usual this day of the week has failed me again. Sunday has its own set of challenges, one thing being that there is absolutely nothing to do and also if there were something to do it there is zero motivation to actually do it. Maybe it is the stress of the entire week that’s catching up to me or the countless hours of late night gaming. I couldn’t pin down a single reason, I was just too lazy to do anything. This was basically my usual Sunday routine – get up, eat brunch, loiter, sleep, dinner, sleep that’s it. Well that was all going to change, I felt a voice deep inside me telling me to go outside the house and actually do something. It was either that or a motivational Instagram post I don’t remember what was it but I made up my mind to go out.

Now 10 minutes later I am at the local train station thinking about where should I actually go. After 15 minutes of pondering over the destination I was fed up and decided to go the place that all suburban people go when they are bored, Churchgate. After approximately an hour or so I reach my destination without any clue on what to do next. Only one thing came to my mind when I stepped out of the station, Marine Drive. Well as cliché it was I had nothing else to do. I bought a cold drink and made my way through all the crowd that had gathered due to it being a Sunday. I found an empty spot on the promenade and took my earphones out and started listening to some lofi, and believe me when I say this there couldn’t be a better view in all of the world.

The sun making its slow descent into the depths of the sea, the sky changing its shades constantly and the cool sea breeze hitting your face. The peace of mind that I experienced in this moment cannot be compared to any situation before. For the first time in a very long time I had peace from the constant struggle, the constant race to meet deadlines, the constant need to appeal to people, the constant avarice that justified all the things that I did and the work that I put in. Then it happened a moment that one could call an once in a lifetime occurrence. Someone patted me on the shoulder, I dismissed is it as an accident by a kid. I felt the pat once again but didn’t turn around reluctant to leave the peace that I had finally found. The pat wasn’t a pat anymore, they gave a jerk to my shoulder and I turned around to see who it was and I wanted to shout at whoever it was for ruining my peace. The person who called me was a girl, a girl with the most beautiful eyes that I had ever seen, eyes like the ocean which were deep and unsettling at first but after a while they seemed calm. My anger left me as soon as it had appeared, I greeted the girl with a smile and I asked her why she had called me to which she showed me her phone, and on the phone was written a short text, she was thirsty and had no money and wanted someone to buy her a water bottle. I asked her why didn’t she say this and showed me this text, to which she prompted that she was mute.

I was not shocked by it but there was a temporary puzzlement in my mind, I know not for what, I guess her appearance led me to think that she couldn’t be a mute or maybe it was something else. I broke my train of thought and proceeded to buy her that water bottle. She left me in wonderment but not before she typed a thank you on her phone. I finally realised that it wasn’t that she was attractive or hot, she was beautiful in a manner that I cannot express in words. I was in a state of puzzlement due to this society’s ideologies, at its very core a person who is differently-abled is not even considered a part of the society and for that reason we have an image of them which is not true.

This Sunday was unlike any other Sunday in my life and I don’t think I will ever experience anything like it ever again.

Rithvik Shivaprakash