I slowly wrapped my arms around
her smooth exterior
and soft curves
She trembled as I
lay my left hand on her neck
while plucking away with my right
Thrilled by the gentleness
with which my fingers
danced around her neck
And every time my hand pulled
at her strings, she’d
hum the same tune
that I’d heard in church
Moving my fingers around
her neck, resulted in
a change of her tone,
her pitch and her words
The higher I moved
the more she screamed
with her voice
shriller than before
Was this out of excitement
or desperation
I’d never really know
But I went on
Increasing my pace
but her voice increased
in volume
and her fragile body
began to shudder
And I knew that if I
went any faster
she’d probably break
due to the tension
or the abuse
I’d never really know
for she hid her emotions
in her body, so hollow
and let me use her
asking for nothing in return
But alas one day
she couldn’t sustain
all the use and abuse
the volume and the gain
for I strummed too fast
She gave in to the pain
as her neck separated
from her body
And in that one moment
she screamed in a way she had never before
and I knew for sure that her end was here
as my guitar lay in two pieces
on the floor

Pratik Mulchandani