So a human consumes a bat soup in Wuhan that initially seems to be just a soup but few weeks on and it is believed to have resulted in a devastating pandemic all over the world.

The pandemic is such that everybody all around the world is advised to be Quarantined within their premises because of its increased widespread.

Now, people due to suddenly being cut-off from their regular regime, have no work to do and start landing curses on the person who spread it initially.

But to be really frank…this quarantine was needed badly by everybody.

It was needed by students to introspect upon themselves as to what are they doing currently and how can they improve themselves. Our education system as well as a hectic lifestyle has not let them discover new skills or creative thoughts. This is the time where they can explore it. It was needed by working professionals to realize what life outside work really is, which they never have been able to explore freely because of their busy lives. It was also needed by senior citizens just to bond even better with their families and cultivate new hobbies for leisure.

Apart from giving the necessary break to human beings, quarantine period has also made a huge impact in several aspects of our life that we tend to overlook everyday regardless of how important it might be. One major aspect here is time management or the value of time. It has taught a lot of humans especially students, the value of time and how using it correctly could pave a better future for them.

Second most important aspect here is the realizing the value of people who contribute to our daily lives. E.g Caretakers/watchman,housemaid,milkman etc. Their presence is hardly noticed by us normally but currently their absence is what is being recognised by us.

Third and most importantly it has made us realise that no matter how fancy lifestyle might look it is very simple; as in people can survive without luxuries which once they believed were an indispensable part of their life.

Now having spoken that, every coin has 2 sides. This quarantine period has made us restless as we are all social beings and tend to be active all the time. Also the fear of getting infected is doing the rounds. This fear of infection has a cascading effect which also may result in spread of rumours through social media. We also tend to be going through boredom all the time.

Currently quarantine period is on and it solely depends upon you as to how you consider it for yourself, a boon or a bane. Smart use of time and productive approach would result it in being a boon whereas binge-watching movies and excessive social media usage would result it in being a bane.

Choice is yours!

Srikant Kamath