Read. Dream. Live Forever.

Do not underestimate the ones who have their noses buried deep inside pages. They might be the ones on the sidelines of life, merging into the shadows, but with each page they turn over…they are travelling through space and time. One day, they’ll vanish from your sight and you’ll never know if they were anactual person. Keep an eye on them.

These people are readers. Also known as the dreamers, they are known to have travelled the seven seas and all imaginary lands. Some have even gone beyond this universe. They have stretched their minds repeatedly and it is impossible for them to recover and restore themselves to their original dimension. They seek out adventure in pages filled with black ink, for this is the only place splattered in
vibrant colors. Reality is ordinarily grey, isn’t it? The readers realised this early on in life, so they stepped into the spaces that writers created for them.

Readers have lived in different eras and universes and have known more than normal functioning humans combined. They have allowed ideas to change them and they have enhanced their life with these changes. Each book they read alters their life permanently. And they have accepted this fate. They have known secrets that would send chills down your spine. There’s just so much within those enigmatic folks.

And if I were you, I wouldn’t want to mess with them.

Why are they dangerous? What makes them different from the others? It’s because they have known worlds that never really existed.

It is sad to see that they have sought solace in things that are not real. But, they have understood characters to their cores. They have loved all the people residing in books like family. Readers have burst into tears at mentions of pain and they have celebrated the happy parts of the plot too. They have gasped at the right places and have shown sympathy for the deserving characters. At some moment
while the reader is engrossed in the book, a part of their soul latches itself onto the text. The book and reader form an interdependent relation, which is worth admiring. Readers worship their characters, in a way. Isn’t it funny? Like these characters are another form of God.

They almost are.

Don’t you see? Characters that have never lived…never really die. This is how I describe immortality, in a nutshell.

Immortality is possible, and one day when the reader’s body withers away, you’ll find versions of them nested inside all the novels that they’ve ever read.

Meera Wadher