It was a painful beginning that triggered in me,
An uncommon feeling to shed my old layers of soul.
Released my weary thoughts all at once,
Along with the things which I desired the most.
Loneliness had started surrounding me,
Followed by a desperate need to seek someone.
Unwilling to let my emotions take control over me,
I listened to the call of my own soul.
Very few people can handle the power of being alone,
For it reveals the secret of your being.
A phase of isolation forced me to dig deeper & deeper within myself,
Guiding me to the light which was waiting to be discovered all along.
Even though my journey crumpled and trampled me,
It taught me an essential lesson.
This was not the destruction,
Rather a meaningful rebirth.
I’m evolving every passing moment,
Encouraged by the need to bring about a change.
Never fear the power of growth for it is inevitable,
Every new beginning comes from, some another beginning’s end.

Bhakti Mehtalia