It’s crazy to think since the day I know you,

Masks on masks,

Even the P.I’s couldn’t uncover you.

Yeah I came back and you still ain’t have that flow

‘tasteless’ just like your penne pesto.

Yeah maybe am the one who over analyses,

But since I dropped you off,

You are suffering from an identity crisis.

You ain’t no fine dining,

So stop faking that cuisine,

Your mouth all spitting,

Like you suffering from COVID-19.

You sniffing on lies like it’s cocaine,

I know cause I’ve seen your lil heart’s insane.

You tried falling on me like acid rain,

Made my heart yellow but it’s fighting the pain.

Yeah I know I took a little time to understand your mind games,

Got you dropped off like an extra bag on the plane,

So let me celebrate this victory with a glass of champagne,

Cause nobody was ever made,

To top my REIGN!

– Moksh Gauti