The first day we met, you were a pale husky daffodil I wished to embrace,
Naive and Gullible as I was,little did I know then, you ran too quick for my pace.

For a second that I could spend looking at you, I’d give up aeons of happiness at the flick of a
Only to realise much later that all I was to you was just another daily errand.

We’d spend hours talking and that time felt no less than ecstasy,a rather surreal experience,
It hurts to know that you would label all these feelings as just a nice experience

With the moon that shone every night, I’d remember your face striking a resemblance,
You conveniently called these feelings cheesy, I’d struggle to even get your acceptance

Love is a complex emotion they say,comes only to those with a heart of gold,
Little do they know that for you, my heart beat beyond its capacity ten-fold

Loving you was the purpose of my life and it always will be,
Because let the stars turn their direction and let the world turn upside down,
What started as a saga of love will end in unparalleled adoration and complete meltdown

-Harshil Jhaveri