With urbanisation and laws coming into place in India, the effect is yet to
touch backward sections, Patriarchism continues to dominate the minds of
people. Women are symbolised as an object to please the so-called dominant
men and dare not to raise their voice against them. The thought is ingrained
into the young minds of girls, and they accept this as their fate. The poem tries
to encapsulate an idea, an idea to break through the norms, bring out a
revolution and change the mindset. This will never be achieved through
feminism used as a sympathy, but only through education leading to
empowerment. The story of a young girl who takes inspiration and gets on a
journey that changes her life for good!

Caught in the web of poverty,
Shattered hopes and dreams so hazy
With a vision in her sparkling eyes,
And a life spent in cooking half-cooked rice,
It was just one chance she looked for
To be happy and earn a penny more

Girls are supposed to be weak
Have no ambitions and their future is bleak
Do not raise your voice in front of a man,
Oh! look you burned the roti on the pan,
Your ambitions are what you have to hide
For they have to choose their submissive bride

Sweeping away the dust and losing the fight
Her eyes fell on the picture so bright
One line on a poster made her heart pound
Was it too early to conceal her desires in burial ground?
“Fighting all odds, Mamta becomes an IAS officer” it read
Her journey looked now clear ahead

It was no more about what her forefathers say
I’ll break the barriers come what may
‘I’ll work giving my blood and sweat’,
It was now time to change the mindset
She rose high above all her inhibitions
Walked endlessly towards her mission

Oh! look at that lady in saree
Isn’t she too pretty?
A smile spread across her gentle face
She was a winner in this life race
Standing right in front of that old poster
She bent a little as a warm gesture
‘Ma’am girls are eagerly waiting to hear you ‘, a voice called
She was welcomed with thundering applaud
Standing tall and with a life full of exacting rides
The young IAS was now ready to guide the young minds

It’s all about such mamtas
Who questions the patriarchal jantas
Give her an opportunity to prove
It’s time to take the much-awaited move
Changing laws makes no difference
Unless you change your inner conscience
So, the challenge is now for you
Can you create a world new?

– Rohini Jha