Snippet from an overthinker

In these trying times
With a break from hectic routine
Everyone seems to be using this instance
To do something nice

To learn new skills
To develop and shine
While with empty time on my hand
I lay still thinking about my life

I ponder ever so often
This question stuck in my mind
The productive nature of their being
Why doesn’t reflect in mine

Why am I not able to refrain
From wasting my time
Thinking over and over
About somethings in life

With clock ticking by I lie down and think
Why is my mind eating my life
Clouded thoughts ever so often
Makes me gasp for a sunny sign

The jumbled string in my head
Is hollowing me out
Cause this idle time
Makes me overthink and my existence mechanised

I wonder would it be okay
to get past this
With my now rusted skills and
No new achievements or certificates or style

While my friends rush ahead
I feel left way behind
Alone in this dark place
That I think is my mind

– Garima Gupta