Stabilizing the Inner Self

In the race of leading ahead of everyone else in this constant environment of competitions, we often forget to examine our inner self, or rather to troubleshoot ourselves. Without perceiving our own strengths or attributes, conquering the desire also seems futile. The everyday routine feels monotonous, the task at hand although volunteered by self turns out to be a stone on head. What is it that just sweeps away our interests and emotions, could it be a witch’s magic or something else? Many say its stress or anxiety or depression but I call it disturbance, a power which could just overcome us and we never realize it. Finding out that you are disturbed is half battle won. When you are aware of it, you can overrule it.

‘Finishing disturbances of the spirit’ – sounds weird, but actually a necessity. So what are these so called ‘disturbances’? The inferiority complex just because your colour, your height, your physique are always imperfect. Comments made on your personality, sense of fashion, point of views. The desire to change ourselves as society accepts a set of traits only. The fear of future, losing a dear one, resentment about inability to change current conditions. The guilt of doing wrong, pressure of behaving good, struggle to survive amongst clever people. Various events occurring throughout our lifetime could trigger our emotions or just nullify them. However few have the potential to rattle it all up.

Recognition of an individual is carried out by voice, face, fingerprints. Still facial and body features play integral roles. The role of identity, the role of individuality. That’s the place where the concept of self-image comes in the story. Self-image is simply the perception that we have regarding our looks in our minds. If it is charming and uplifting, it boosts confidence, pushes us towards new challenges. Although it leads to complexes if not affirmative. What produces a negative self-image? The answer is non-acceptance. The moment acceptance regarding our appearance comes in, all insecurities vanish. Whatever would be our height, colour, physique do not matter if we are talented enough to prove ourselves. Skills count more than looks should be
realized. The way we look, is completely fine and does not require any alterations. Decency in image, if acquired presents good conduct. Agreeing to natural attainment never disappoints hopes and aspirations.

We usually take decisions based on the social norms and that’s how it happens. Perception of relations and humanity passes down generations creating a strong impact on human brains. But at times these advices, teachings and legacies could turn out to be mere threats. As humans we grow and learn. We build our own frames of right and wrong. Then why at times of crisis we tend to close our minds and follow stereotypical paths. Why not utilising the wisdom we possess and not fall in blind faith. Rather it’s high time that we discard toxic lessons and begin to be rationale. A fable I learnt in school makes me wonder even today – Once a woodcutter asked his son to cut all the logs in front yard and told him to use all his resources available. The son with all his strength completed the task and goes to his father. To this the woodcutter said, “You’ve finished the work but didn’t you listen to my instructions? You did not use all resources; you did not ask me for help.” Implication of such virtues would revamp our lives.

Such self-assessment techniques gradually enhance the quality of life, it makes us more tolerant and patient. At the same time it generates ignorance towards unimportant issues. Physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual nurturing occurs bringing over all development.
Live Learn Grow Improve Repeat!

– Adil Parmar