In kindergarten, when she first learnt about characteristics of sunflowers, she was amused. Her teacher had told her that sunflowers always faced the sun and she started regarding them with the highest honour. Later that day when she bragged about the knowledge she had gained in school, her mother corrected her saying the sun flowers don’t always face the sun, they replicate its path. It is why they wilt at night. She wondered how nature can be so smart and how dedicated the sunflowers were to the sun and with the little knowledge and innocence at the age of five, she searched a place in her mind higher than the place she had already placed the sunflowers at.

In high school, when they were learning of Whittaker’s five kingdom classification, she realised how much similar humans were to nature. And when she had a private discussion of this thought of hers with her biology teacher, she told her that humans were far much more similar to nature and always have been. The teacher told her that it is more like, the nature and humans are the same. Humans have same characteristics and we can easily relate to it if only we observed nature a bit more. She asked her for an example and the teacher told her to think about the sunflower she had admired all her life. She didn’t understand what her teacher was implying and never explained it to her and whenever she asked, the teacher would always answer with the same phrase "you will know it when the time is right.” And every time the teacher said that, she grew more anxious to know what it was. She read books and watched videos. She Googled and read several blogs but never found the answer.

Today, after she got fired from her job, she found a dried sunflower; as she was packing to leave; that her mother had gifted her on her thirteenth birthday before her mother had passed away and she had preserved it as her mother’s memory. It reminded her of her story with sunflowers and how much she have always respected them but today this wilted sunflower was emitting vibes she didn’t want to absorb. And then she realized what her mother and her biology teacher were trying to tell her. That evening, it wasn’t only the sunflowers wilting as the sun set, she too was falling down with company she had dedicated ten years of her life to.

Shweta Yadav