Super kid with super car

Once upon a time there was a family in distant village in very poor condition. This village was so outdated technology. It was located on very scarce land. The people not use to roam from evening itself as there was a horror story behind it. The village people believe in that there was a spirit used to roam on roads of village. There was a spirit named Adam.

The spirit wanted to take revenges of his family suicide. The village people at the time of Adam was alive considered him a culprit. As because of the lost of village land. Once Adam was farming and a rich person was passing on the way of this village. And he got attracted to the beautiful glowing flowers and fruits. The rich person named Rukse ordered him to give fruits and make a bouquet of beautiful flowers. But as Adam was a very committed and royalty to farmer so he refuses to give him so. So, Rukse got angry and told that he will not bear Adam.

But this warmed whole village. Rukse purchased whole village and thrown out the village people. Village’s people were homeless and had fight with Adam so bad that he died. After that Adam’s family committed suicide due to village pressure. As people use to create different barriers in recurring foods and use to treat very badly Adam’s family members.

But Adam’s power was not that much due to which he was facing difficulty in taking revenges. But there was a little boy who was extreme talented and brave. He can see the spirit because of his pure soul, and he understand his pain. He wanted to help Adam’s spirit, but Adam has no trust on any person. Once, the boy helps him by telling the plan of their parent that to finish Adam’s spirit. Buy win the trust of Adam’s spirit. He was to use train and in return he got the promise to travel to another village. In motive to study which helped him to make a protection jacket for village to be safe from spirit. But he doesn’t do in justify in taking revenges from village’s people.

The boy did a plan in such a way that Adam’s spirit got the satisfaction of revenges and village people also got saved. And in future become a big and successful scientist from such a small village.

Priyanka Rohatgi