That Brand New Era

To: A friend who once made me feel brand new…Because there’s always one person who turns your life around.

They say best friends are forever,
But they’ve been saying it wrong,
I used to believe in infinities…
Yet ours didn’t last that long.

You came in like sunlight,
Made the darkest nights feel like day.
And now I can’t help but think,
"Is this how friendship fades away?"

You see, I never go beyond you,
I’m living amidst the clouds.
For it gets a bit lonely sometimes,
Especially when you’re not around.

I suppose this is the uncertainty,
Of giving someone your heart.
It takes a blink of an eye,
To be standing light years apart.

Maybe one day we shall meet,
For there’s so much yet to be seen.
I’ve been ever-ready,
And I know you’ll be just as evergreen.

Now, I’ll send my words to the stars,
Because I’ve always looked up to you.
Our forever was a fleeting moment,
But my world still feels brand new.

-Meera Wadher