“Secularism”. We keep hearing this word frequently. Of late this word has become very negative and used in the context of a single community. But what does this word relate to in India’s context?

Secularism is a word which was inserted into the preamble of our Constitution by the 42nd amendment during emergency in 1976.

The phrase,” sovereign democratic republic” from our preamble was changed to,” sovereign, socialist secular democratic republic”.

This word which was brought to signify a broader scenario eventually became a speedbraker in our nation’s story of success and has been exploited by each and every political party to divide.

The word secular has completely lost its real essence in our education system and has also been misinterpreted by the pseudo intellectuals at large.

This word didn’t even spare the investigators of our former PM Shastriji’s mysterious death!

We have been taught; secularism means all religions are equal! If the earlier sentence were to be true then a “secular” individual should embrace each and every religion…because after all, all religions are equal! But they don’t. This is because deep inside they all have a sense of superiority for their own faith which they hide from the rest of the world.

Then what is secularism? The answer is very intriguing. Let us take an example.
I follow a particular belief. I may not follow any other religion nor may I be fascinated by its practices. I might even consider my religion better than others. This would completely be my personal choice but it doesn’t imply that I wouldn’t allow any other person to follow a particular belief!

I don’t become secular by saying “LA ILAH ILLALLAH MUHAMMADUR RASULULLAH”

I don’t become secular by saying “JAY SHREE RAM” either!

I become secular by my thoughts and by having a positive attitude for each and every person following a belief of their own choice!

And for the establishment, this word refers to taking decisions without appeasing any particular community time and time again and ensures a conducive environment where all religions could thrive.

This cliché meaning of the word “secularism” is carcinogenic to the entire population of our nation and it is high time these so called “stand-up comedians”, “Bollywood artists” and “intellectuals” understand this and put an end to their propaganda. #SayNoToSecularScholars

-Divyam Shah