All alone I thought
On the dark gruesome street
I walked home precariously
And in my heart, I was afraid
So close to home, the limelight shone
But never could I reach there
For every time I was downed
At the same place but differently
By a one I call an acquaintance
Yet a total enigma of all

Sleek as a shadow
The power unknown
Every time it grew on me
And struck me with the same spontaneity,
It held me by the neck
Its cold breath, mesmerized my senses
Through the dark cloak of fear, unfathomable
Every second smothered my soul
My will to escape shattered in pieces
Every part of me desperate to flee

By now I was not me
I was incapacitated by myself
I stared into those undaunted eyes
And saw within them my own self
My glorious past that swayed
Up above the world I once stood
But then abruptly, all sights changed
There was a road, a desolate one
It was the same where I was now
But there was more to be shone
At its very end I saw my own self
Looking as alive as dead
In front of me the house in ruins
And then down I fell with the darkness over me

It was then when its ghastly voice spoke
“Let us walk as friends do
Let us enjoy till our livelihood lasts
Shun the work, the effort
And let us walk happily to our knells.”

Weak I still, was indeed
But a new spirit instilled in me
I rose to the one, the Demon of me
After all these years I retaliated
Broke the grip that since forever had led me astray
“Today I deny your hypnotic company
I denounce the devilish fun
You may be the stronger
And be yet to come the cause for my tantamount failure
Yet I stand between you and the life I can yet live
For today it makes all the sense to me
I have gathered my wisdom
And made my choice.”

With all my strength, I ran
Towards the beautiful house that shone
It chased after me, swift as can
The door silently creaked open on its own
And I finally leapt to freedom
A fresher pathway glistened ahead of me
The demon behind faded beyond which my eyes could see

– Shamit Doshi