The Drive

The store was open.
Lucky for you.
You went for one,
But, instead, got two.
You held me in your arms,
As you walked out of the store.
You popped my top
And slammed the car door.
As you put Me to your mouth,
I think you loved Me Much.
I know you tried,
But you couldn’t stop as such.
You drank one of Me,
And then two.
You thought "I’m sober,
I just had a few"
You start the car
And try To make your way home.
But its not that easy,
My friend, when you’re stoned.
You get on the road,
And drive at the side.

Humming to yourself,
Enjoying the ride.
Then the brakes of the car
In front of you, squeal.
You try so hard,
But lose control of the wheel.
It doesn’t take long
To realise you have crashed.
The dashboard is shattered
The windshield is smashed.
You’re covered in blood,
You’re in treacherous pain.
"You shouldn’t have drank!"
Screams your brain.
In those painful seconds,
You plead and you pray,
"I’ll never touch it again,
Let me live one more day."
Not once did you think,
Of your children and wife.
They lose theirs too,
As you lose your life.
Your beautiful daughter,
As sweet as a dove.

I hate stealing from her,
Her first love.
Your loving son,
Nothing to him I can lend.
In exchange, for stealing
His best friend.
In your next life,
Try not to touch me again.
If you get another chance,
Please choose them.
Before entering the store,
You should have thought twice.
For I am the substance,
That cost you your life.

-Abigail Soares