The Enlightened Child

Once I met a boy of nine,
of kindness who showed a sign.
His face was very gentle and kind
He was a boy of pure heart and mind
He was the one, who everyone would love,
his soul was as pure as a dove.
In every mind respect for him,
was filled like water in a glass up to the brim
So much love so much respect
but no one would his name inspect.
When I had a chance to him ask
"How do you excel in every task?"
He said "I’ve got time to self-introspect
in what ways I can gain respect "
I asked him how do you get so much time
While all are competing to the ladder climb
Ladder of fame honour and glory
A stage which keeps us far away from satori
In a humble and soft-spoken tone
He replied "This arises from my feeling of lone,
This is because I lost my dear ones,
to several bloodthirsty guns"
I sat there listening to him realizing his pain,
thinking what those murderers would from doing so gain I asked him -how did he have his revenge,
the death of his dear ones how did he avenge.
At this point, he shocked me with his reply
"What different would I be if I took an eye for an eye". This was the last line of his I heard
And left, thinking of him as a free bird
Bird free of anger vengeance and enmity
Forgiveness was his best weaponry
The pain he suffered, turned him into the best
That’s why he was far ahead of us rest
At the age of nine having such a mentality

He truly was here to preach amity.
Such a boy, I have not seen
His heart and mind were the best places I had been. In many ways, he taught all of humanity
The true way to live with peace and amnesty.

-Aahil Khambhawala