The letter of balancing revelation

Yin & Yang – bad times aren’t the Enemy
Yo-Ho Ho Mates of the eye-patched tribe,
Today I have an interesting observation to note. The Good cannot exist without the evil. Time cannot be characterized as good or bad without experiencing both. So when I say that bad times and good times are both important, no I am not being optimistic but rather realistic. Infact the balance between Good and Bad, because they are of equal weight, makes the world function.

So "heave ho mates", this is the simplest explanation of why bad times don’t last forever, and how something good has to happen or has already happened to neutralize the Bad.


The Weighing Balance is an instrument used to measure the weight of some article or goods. It is very common in the hands of grocery shopkeepers in market areas. You must think that "Okay, it is used to weigh vegetables. What is the big deal?". This seemingly insignificant and common deviceis actually the symbol for JUSTICE AND IMPARTIALITY OF THE LAW.

When you actually think about it. This principle of balance of the beam by keeping equal objects on both pans, is actually based on a very small but significant way the Universe functions. Life is never a constant colour, but the perfect combination of two colours of the opposite nature.

For the shopkeeper to measure the amount of goods he has to sell, is all about finding equal weights. The judge and the law of the country are supposed to be impartial. The weighing Balance also represents the nature of things that make this world complete.

The Earth spins about its axis of rotation. The magnetic North Pole is as much displaced to the right of the geometric North Pole, as the magnetic South Pole is to the left of its geometrical South Pole. During summer,daytime increases and nighttime decreases. During winter, the nights become longer and days shorter.


This was clearly understood by our ancestors, who happened to use the Barter system. Infact, that is how the concept of money also got created. If you give something then you get something of equal value back.

The fundamental law of Newton, NEWTON’S THIRD LAW OF MOTION, is completely based 0n the same thing. EVERY ACTION HAS AN EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION.So everytime the Universe takes something away from you, remember it has to give you back something to compensate for the loss.

SO EVERY TIME SOMETHING IMPORTANT IS BEING TAKEN AWAY, REMEMBER- NOTHING COMES FREE.Everything has a price and the entire Universe is based on the concept of balance.


But we as human beings don’t like giving and selfishly only want to take things. We take the natural resources without much thought. Nature takes its price. Global warming, temperature change are because we do not value trees, even though we cannot survive without them.. The ozone layer has a hole today because of our carelessness and selfish nature of taking things greedily without wanting to give anything back.

Infact it is smart to choose suffering. That way you trick life. Suffering is an inevitable part of life. No one can escape it. So why not suffer on your own will and accord, and then get the return from the Universe later? No, I am not saying you purposely make sure that you suffer. But if we sacrifice something willingly, then we will get the return at some point or the other.
The fundamental law of conservation of energy, is based on the same

The bottom line is that the Universe is CONSTANT. For science students- its composition is varying but the volume does not change(which is actually not true because the universe is expanding, but the energy in the universe remains constant). For commerce students- in the end the balance sheet has to tally right?
So the amount of good and bad may vary from time to time but in the end the universe has to remain neutral.


The Chinese symbol of peace yin-yang represents balance. Balance of white and black, good and evil, bliss and pain , even as far as carbon dioxide and oxygen. For every hero there has to be a villain. That is what makes him a hero- defeating the villain. According to me the roles of the hero and villain are equally important, because without any one, the movie cannot proceed. So be patient. Your time will come. If it is bad right now- then remember it has to be neutral in the end. So, hold on. GOOD TIMES AND BAD TIMES ARE BOTH EQUALLY IMPORTANT IN LIFE AND USUALLY IN PERFECT BALANCE.


Preya Pandya