The Little Old Lady

The old lady said,"My god, you’re gonna turn out just like your mom.
I worry for you, you’re gonna do the same things she did wrong.
Get married twice and leave them just to prove you’re strong.
Play the victim and blame the fate for having nowhere to belong."

Just when I was about to burst, I saw an old man walk in.
Washed his hands and left his dirty dishes by the sink.
Habitually presumed that the little old lady will do the cleaning.
Rightfully so she cleaned up his mess and that’s when I got the feeling.

That she’s a little old lady in a little black dress.
Who goes home every night to her 50 year mess.
Because her younger self lacked the courage to confess.
So now she’s stuck being the devil’s empress.

Flash back to the days when she was a young lady with big dreams.
Until her parents set her up for marriage, so it seems.
Got married to a stranger for life cause those were the regimes.
Left her dreams behind to wash his clothes, raise his children and cook him some beans.

Years later she still lives in the house where love is forbidden.
She believes it’s her job to cater to him even when he’ll be bed ridden.
Managed her life in whatever he provided, never did she ask for something exorbitant.
She’s still washing his clothes, cooking him food & has raised 4 beautiful women.

Even though she’s just a little old lady in a little black dress.
Who has skilfully and loyally managed her 50 year mess.
I hope for the day when she’ll gather the courage to confess.
Live for herself, build an empire where she’ll be the empress.

Seeing all this my mother decided that she’ll never have a life like the little old lady.
And so she lived by her own rules even though there were many obstacles in the journey.
She got married twice but had to leave them both times because they were after her hard
earned money.
Being the father and mother, she raised me on her own away from the society’s misogyny.

Experiencing this from such close proximity this is what I’ve learnt.
That being a lady you’ll be damned if you do and damned if you don’t.
Other women might drag you down but it’s mostly because they are misinformed.
It’s always a struggle to build a mansion in the rubble but that’s how your place is earned.

So don’t be a little lady wearing the little black dress.
Who has to manage someone else’s mess.
And if you do, gather up the courage and confess.
You deserve to be treated like the Queen ‘cause you are The Empress.

Hridaya Mestry