The Mask…

Until the day corona virus came into its existence, I never wore a mask. I used
to wear it to imitate a Doctor in my childhood, despite knowing that one day
I’m going to choose Engineering. Hoho!

But I always used to think that this piece of cloth has no meaning to others
except Doctors and Researchers. But when today I sit down and introspect, I
realised that the word “Mask” itself has to convey a lot many meanings.

The mask, which every mother on this planet wears on her pains, her struggles
and her challenges and serves only love, affection and all those things of
happiness to her child and her family. Ain’t she a warrior?

The mask, which every mine worker wears to protect himself deep down inside
the earth. He cuts the rock, extracts the ore, but gets back unpaid salaries,
degraded lifestyle and sufferings only to provide his family a serve of meal and
this world a precious kilogram of a metal. Ain’t he a warrior?

The mask, which every mortician wears, to prepare the dead for funeral. Every
day he watches a life leave the earth but he never leaves the service for
humanity. But he gets social disrespect and gets treatment of living in a hell
despite doing the job of making the souls reach heaven. Ain’t he a warrior?

The mask, which every Doctor is wearing today on their own health, personal
life and dreams only to save the patients who are risked by this disease. Despite
receiving calls of threat at times they provide prescriptions of health and seem
less care. Aren’t they warriors?

The mask, which our best friend wears on their own feelings sometimes only to
understand our pain and sorrow, ain’t he a warrior?

This is the real mask which world needs to figure out. These are the real warriors
we need to realise and value for. I figured out a few, you also figure out some
more, maybe we shall cover the entire world. Because there is no more happiness
than in watching others smile because of us. Keep spreading happiness!

– Priyanka Kulkarni