The Ocean and the Shore

There’s this person, so much like the ocean- Vast, deep and dark beneath.

And here I am, on the shore. Wondering, about it’s depth and possible ways to reach its core.

Being scared yet somehow curious about it’s existence my brain provokes me
-‘Dive In’.

But, Oh! My heart, with utmost firmness says
-“No darling! Don’t :)”

Paying no attention to my heart i turn towards the brain with a ray of hope, expecting it to guide me right.

Brain yet again chuckles. But, this time with a hint of conspiracy in it’s tone..
-“JUMP!”, it orders -“No! Please don’t do this! You’ll regret! You’ll cry! It’ll hurt! You’ll drown!” heart cries this time in almost a voice that shrivels in pain. But to its dismay I was already inside the heavenly water body.

Moments later.. I find myself swimming, with all the butterflies in my belly. I head towards the core. Observing, Every single drop of water dance on my skin and touch my soul. It makes me wonder.. if I’ll ever get over this reminiscent touch? If I’ll ever be able to forget the magnificent side this dark place has built over the years even after having no sign of sunshine in here?

As this euphoria of finally getting more deep into this resplendent ocean starts prevailing my mind, I suddenly feel this terrifying pull. I feel a scary grasp around my hands, my legs, my chest.. my brain!

With no clue what’s happening around I try to push away the force bound to me at the moment just to get the view of the core that I was about to reach. With this pressure of the depth trying to choke me to death I still wanted to breathe. Sigh. Not because I was running out of air in my lungs but just to stay alive for a moment- to see the ocean at it’s best and prove the world wrong that called it terrifying and life taking. I so wanted to live in that moment of joy and victory. But, before I could even see a glimpse of it, I see the blues of the ocean fading. and slowly everything
turning black around my eyes. My lungs burn, trying to inhale in as much as air it could. Hands and legs shiver. Head spins. Still neglecting every other thing, without any thought.. my bare eyes finally open up sparkling with anticipation to see what!?

To see myself lying on the shore.

Half dead-half alive! 🙂

Heart surely whispered in my ears filled with water, which were in no mood to take the grief -“None belongs to the ocean. Whoever gets in, finds it way back eventually. None can stay in there. The ocean holds onto none. This is where you belong sweety! THE SHORE :)”

-Tanvi Shivnekar