The Sound of Music

The sound of music is believed to be calm, relaxing and soothing the sense and kinaesthesia of anyone; but who knew there were some people using it in the wrong way. In a busy and fast-moving city in Japan, famously known as Tokyo where people work for 12 hours of a day is where this mishap takes place. Mr Chang a rich investor and a simple guy but who knew he partially had the Japanese government under his control; every night he used the subway and got off at Akihabara train station. Daily he would use a taxi to his house but that day he was late so he decided to walk, but to reach his house he had to pass across Ireido.

It is here that people took refuge during the Greta Kanto Earthquake which occurred in 1923. These refugees were burned to death at this place. People walking nearby have not only heard uncanny noises but also witnessed paranormal activities due to which Ireido has also been included in the list of haunted places in Tokyo. Mr Chang was scared as he walked pass the shrine, scared and shivering he was a lethal target of ‘The Music Gang’. Mr Chang held a gun in his hand and was ready to shoot anything unusual. Out of the blue, an aroma of Japan delicacies arose and soothing music was played, suddenly Mr Chand started to drool. The aroma lured him down to a dark alley where two huge hand chloroformed him. What happened to him???

The next morning Mr Chang was found drugged and unconscious at Tokyo Station. He was reported to the police and was put behind bars for drug use. This was all wrongdoing of ‘The Music Gang’, he was over drugged and looted and made to smuggle opium into the heart of Tokyo. His bank account completed looted his laptop that contained all the vital information about his investments all stolen. The police found one thing suspicious, Mr Chang had a music notes tattooed on his neck but the police registered his case as ‘presence of drugs in his body and lost everything in gambling’ due to lack of evidence. Mr Chang now completely broke was behind bars.

As days passed everything was good in Japan when suddenly another incident showed up about another chief executive officer of an insurance company found in the same state as Mr Chang but was found with opium in his pocket and another set of musical notes on his neck. Opium in Japan, the police were on high alert, nobody wanted the nightmares of 1895 repeated. Over fortnight more than 100 people were found in the drug state and more than 221 people were caught smoking opium. The crime rates saw a hike in Japan, people were brutally murdered teenagers committed suicide. Hundreds of drugged people were made to smuggle drugs into the heart of Japan. Worried parents would report cases and now the police couldn’t handle the pressure. Opium got its new name in Japan; it was named Goma. The local gossip in every house was about Goma, it was a like a pandemic that struck Japan. Countries blocked its trading relations with Japan due to the fear of smuggling drugs in Japan. ‘The Music Gang’ still unknown to the police were now deemed as extremists. Japan was facing a dip in the economic growth. This is the story of how a 10 member gang destroyed a country.

Dersh Savla