The Treacherous Uncertainty

That moment when I am listening to an old song and I know all the lyrics,

That is the moment which gives me a sense of belonging and raises my spirits.

I like to always know things, people, situations,

Everything sometimes seems just so predictable without any fluctuations.

Then I met you with those unpredictable green eyes,

Those lips that could sweet talk through any lie.

I knew it the moment you laughed that laugh,

That was as mischievous as the turbulent sea caught in a photograph.

Still, like always I let my walls down,

For trusting easily someone please give me a crown.

But love is a strange word right?

Cause I can’t bear to give up this fight.

But you left so suddenly without any reason,

All the caffeine in this world can’t save me from your treason.💫💫

– Preya Pandya