The unravelling of PRIMER

10 year old Edward was carefully reading the sci-fi section of his Young Explorer when his father entered his room. The junior brat enthusiastically spun around and ran in his direction to cuddle him. He asked, “What is Junior Edward up to this Sunday morning?” Young Edward replied, “I was exploring about time travel and existence of life on Mars but I’m finding it way too complicated to understand.” His father, Harry, was stood motionless but his mind travelling through an endless spiral of thoughts.

Centuries ago, when the Earth was greener, the roads were lined with floral plants, the surroundings were filled with chirping of the birds and dawn was marked by the ocean blue skies, there lived two scientists, the Smith brothers. The Smith brothers with their technical skillset and amazing scientific research abilities worked for the development of mankind and strived for the betterment of human race. They were working on building a machine that served multiple purposes which included travelling in space and time controlling, the weather conditions and make them apt for the survival of human beings. They named it PRIMER.

PRIMER was built with lasers and nanotechnology, when fired into the atmosphere it produced nascent oxygen which when bonded with the free oxygen released from the ozone, it formed O2. It combined with hydrogen in the atmosphere and formed water. Water is the most essential key that controls and maintains the environmental habitat. Micro lasers fitted in the PRIMER controlled the winds. PRIMER could make or mar the environmental conditions over the globe. It was so self capable and reliable if used to serve the right purpose.

While experimenting, one of the Smith Brothers witnessed an alert signal given by his information satellite which took him by surprise. The next thing he saw was a beautiful parallel universe. Shining in its glory; prettier, livelier than earth, Mars was full of life and habitat. The discovery of habitat on Mars could help them reach heights. It was the perfect kind of project he would like to work on. All of the credits for the previous successful inventions were owned by him because he was the mastermind behind them. He shared this piece of information with his brother who was mesmerized by the beauty of Mars. But at the same time, he was also envious of his brother’s capabilities so he decided to destroy PRIMER before its launch. “I could destroy PRIMER now and show that it’s an accident.”

One night, he secretly entered the research centre and attempted operating the PRIMER. But the results weren’t what he expected. Before operation, the PRIMER was facing towards Mars. PRIMER generated violent solar winds which weakened the stratospheric cover of Mars by the speed of light. Mars has a higher percentage of methane as compared to that of earth. Due to the weakening atmosphere and oxygen deficient conditions, combustion resulted in the formation of carbon dioxide in large quantities. The post apocalyptic results of this cataclysm were deathly. Cloudy skies were replaced by darkness.

The habitat decayed over a period of time and life that thrived on Mars came to an end in a fraction of microseconds. The gravity started loosing its grip over the planet and the magnetic field strength weakened. The other functionality of PRIMER was time travel; the concept of movement between certain point in time between two distant or closely spaced points in space based on the theory of relativity.

PRIMER was successful in creating a Worm Hole. Two black holes were created, both entangled in itself and then drifted apart; one right in front of him and one in the future. There was a huge gravitational tunnel right in front of him, a shortcut connecting two distant black holes. No sooner did he comprehend what was happening, than he was pulled into the hole and was rotating at a very high angular velocity. He was thrown into the land of Los Angeles. He slowly opened his eyes adjusting to the bright light around him. He was thankful to be alive.

Although he never got a chance to know what happened to his brother and the rest of the world in the past. He felt younger than his real age. He started a new life in Los Angeles as Harry Smith. He married a lady named Belle who carried his son, Edward. He gelled in with the people around him. He tried to live a normal life. He also started working as a mechanic in a garage but his mind kept going back to the past. He saved himself but the incident had scarred him for life.

Harry’s brother couldn’t bear the chaos and suffered from trauma and became psychotic after a point in life. The earth remained unaware of the once existing beautiful life on Mars and the discovery of time travel. The destroyed research centre was confiscated by the government. Many scientists tried to discover the truth from the bits and pieces of information left in the research centre but they weren’t enough to fit the puzzle.

“Dad, are you even listening to me?”, little Edward questioned disturbing Harry from his endless spiral of thoughts. Harry answered, “Yes, yes I am. According to the theoretical studies and research, the existence of life on Mars is yet to be discovered. The theory of time travel was given by Einstein but there has been no practical approach to achieve it.”, he lied. Listening to his father, little Edward got back to reading his magazine.

Although the thoughts of the past haunted Harry with every passing day.

Harry had to know the truth. He wanted to see the beautiful Mars again, he wanted back the beauty that mesmerised him; he wanted to be recognised. Most importantly, he wanted everything that his brother had and thus the quest of the unravelling of the formation of PRIMER began. But this time PRIMER had to serve another motive: the rebirth of the planet Mars.