To The Moon And Back

And I looked at the moon and asked if I should hold on to you?
"You do as your heart says" it replied me back.
I asked my heart if I shall hold on to you.
"You would leave him if I say?" It inquired,
"I would try at least", irritated I answered.

"Will you ever be able to forget him" it further asked.
"If it would’ve been so easy, I’d have done that long ago" I tried to defend.

"You’ll have to erase all the memories", my heart conditioned.
"Out of the few one’s that he gave me, I would carry the one which makes me smile." I
smiled thinking of you.

"You will be left in pain and despair" it warned me this time.
"I have had enough of these even when he was with me." trying to hold back my tears I

My heart looked back at moon and said "she denied all those things that I asked her to do and she thinks she’ll get over him way too easily."
They looked at me hoping for an answer.
I looked down and had no words in return to say.

"Why do you feel you can’t leave him?" Asked the moon this time.
"and then, Why do you watch me for hours every night when you just want him but no one else?"
"What do you try telling the stars while you keep an eye on me?"
"What makes you so desperate for him at the break of dawn?", the moon queued its

I looked at the moon,
And smiled at it.
"Little do you know that I see Him in you.
You follow me everywhere I go and so does he, and you think I can forget him so easily?" My lips curved a little more.
"I stare for long at you because I can see him looking deep in my eyes that holds my breath.
"I question the stars around you, if they can also see what I do,
but I don’t want to lose his image so I keep an eye on you."
"He would not be around me for some more time is all that scares the most out of me at the
break of dawn." I cleared each of his queries.

"And…" I continued further, "when I looked at you and asked whether I shall hold on to Him,
I was actually asking Him, ‘cause he’s right there in your place."
This time I left the moon speechless…

Aditi Singh