Treasure of Inspiration

It’s treasure of inspiration, it’s not a wonder,
If you can’t inspire yourself, you won’t be inspired by other.
Love all, trust a few, and do wrong to none,
Never give up and be the one.
No man ever yet became great by imitation,
Be original and prove your imagination.

In bed we laugh, in bed we cry, born in bed, in bed we die,
If you don’t do which inspires you, you won’t be able to touch the sky.
The language of inspiration is not words but meaning,
Work until your life has a mega screening.
We make a life by what we give,
After all the downfall dare to live.

They may question what you do, and may doubt what you say,
It’s not easy to impress everyone, just keep going on your way.

Your intention is your destiny please admit,
Rest if you want but don’t quit.

Life is not all about being sentimental or rational,
But it’s all about being inspirational.

Yashvi Shah