Why should one trek?!

“A logical perspective”

Most of the urban population slogs through a hectic schedule.The crowded trains and lengthy commutes add to the stress of the common man,not to mention the excessive pollution that continues to be on rise.While all this takes a toll mentally and physically,the body craves a gateway to regain the lost sanctity and calm,to refuel the body and freshen the mind, a trek into the woods is a perfect pill to kill the ills.

We inhale gallons of carbon emissions work round the clock and actually forget that the actual goal is to stay happy and healthy so sometimes it’s good to break the routine and take an adventure to experience the awe of nature. Yet common sense and logic has failed to motivate people in today’s rapidly GOING but not so GROWING world and hence the scientific perspective.

“The Scientific Perspective”

CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH:It is no big secret that long walks and oxygen rich air is a boon for heart.Climbing makes your heart pump blood to the muscles and brain.

CLEANSING THE RESPIRATORY ORGANS: Apart from increased blood flow Trekking also helps in pumping a lot of oxygen which in turn helps in better functioning of these organs PEACEFUL MIND: Exploring and being in the thick of nature is a perfect stress busterTrekking is one of the best ways to connect with nature and reduce anxiety and stress. BRAIN: the organ that distinguishes the human race from the animal kingdom.Studies have shown that negative ions increase serotonin levels,which makes us feel more lively,and guess what the high levels of these negative ions are found at high altitudes in dense forests and near waterfalls in nature.No wonder why our ancient sages had their hermitages at the top of the hill in dense forest.Also doctors like Dr. Francis Xavier have written about the benefits of being close to nature in their books.

Man is a social animal and we must always have a sense of gratitude and respect towards the society which should be cherished

“The Social Perspective”

Our 9th grade economics have already taught us how tourism helps in flourishing rural regional economies,but many a times there’s much more than just money and economics.While trekking on forts and in forests we get to interact with the locals and enjoy their cuisines and warm hospitality along with their way of living.I would like to share my personal experience on this part, once while descending from a fort i came across some locals who were collecting some herbs which they claimed to be medicinal,and that they have been using such herbs from ages.Being from a science background I wasn’t convinced and brought one of the root along with me and asked an uncle who had some knowledge in that field and he confirmed that it was ashwagandha after researching a bit,I came to know about its various uses and medicinal properties.Such treasures cannot be measured monetarily.

And being a Shiv-Bhakt I cannot miss out on the last yet the important perspective

“The Historical Perspective”

The forts and the sahyadris till today stand in full glory singing the valour of the great Maratha Empire and the Chatrapati Shivaji and Sambhaji Maharaj.Once we reach atop any forts or mountains the view and the natural as well as man made defence systems makes us wonder about the strategical importance as well as the vision of such great rullers and soldiers who defended it.

This feeling cannot be expressed in words but rather experienced and i think this should be left for everyone to explore.

-Gandharva Shelar