Vikram And Aditya

     Often people say that the most painful thing in human lives is death, some say that the pain experienced by a person in the last seconds of life can’t be compared even with thousand scorpion stings at a time. Perhaps the people who said this haven’t seen this man, if they at least known this man, they would have said that death is far better than coming in this man's way. Let us see what this man’s story is about. 

Year 2015
Angelica (actress & singer): mmm…, Vikram last night was good.
Vikram: Hmm… (deep sound)
Angelica: We have been dating from las….
Vikram: NOT DATING.., sleeping, we have been sleeping from last few months.
Angelica: Yeah right…, what if…I become a pregnant.
Vikram: Haven’t you taken your contraceptive pills.
Angelica: No, I have stopped taking pills since last month… Vikram, what are you going to do, will you marry me or ….
Vikram: I am going to kill both of you.
Angelica: WHAT!!!…Vikrrr….
Vikram caught her by her throat and said, take the cheque and leave, if I see you ever again remember it’s going to be the last second for you and the child on earth.
Angelica: (weeping) VIKRAM, Please wai….
Vikram: don’t make me say the same thing twice.
This man is Vikram the acting Chairman and The Ceo of VA group of industries (one of the leading companies in India). He has a friend (more than a friend) Aditya who is almost as cold hearted as Vikram, and is the General manager of the VA group.
For the outside world both are known as Vikram and Aditya. But for the under world Vikram is known as Ares and Aditya is known as the Devil. Only few people who are very loyal know that Vikram is Ares and Aditya is Devil.
He walked out of his mansion and there he saw Manjunath (personal assistant of Vikram and Aditya at VA group). He asked Manjunath, what’s today’s schedule.
Manjunath: Sir, today we have a meeting with the officials of ARN cement and …… .
Vikram: Today, Aditya will take care of everything, I have some other work to deal with…
Manjunath: But!!, Sir the officials are CEO and other board members of ARN company, it would be better if both of you are present at the meeting.
Vikram: ARE you trying to advice me Mr. Manjunath..(angry voice)
Manjunath: Nnn…no sir..I..I.
Vikram: Good, go to Aditya and tell him the schedule.
He said this to Manjunath and drove alone to see Abdul Basha (Old man who handles all the matters of the Ares and Devil without their involvement).
Outskirts of Bombay
Ares: Basha bhai, why do you want me to meet you in person.
Abdul Basha: Ares, there is a terrorist group who wants to seek your support, for some sht job.
Ares: Do they know, that we are against terrorists.
Basha: Yes, but these furs are too tough to deal with,… they say that they are members of ISI group.
Ares: Hmm… then lets have a talk with them tonight.
Basha: Huh!! Are you going to kill those basterds tonight ?
Ares: That depends on their behavior Basha bhai.
(phone ringing……..) Ares: Basha bhai, call them and tell them that Ares wants a meeting tonight… and tell them to decide the place.
(answered phone) Vikram: Hello, what’s the matter?
Aditya: Nothing, thesey w ARN guys are not convinced with the way Aditya deals with them…., perhaps these furs might going to see a Devil tonight.
Vikram: (smile)..
Aditya: Is Ares interested in joining the Devil ?
Vikram: No, Devil is more than enough for them,… besides Ares has some other sht to deal with.
Aditya: Ooh, should I come with you?….
Vikram: Not necessary, its just a small deal.
Aditya: Ok see you later
(call ended)
Ares: Basha Bhai, what did they say?
Basha: We have to meet them at Dharavi, alone…
Ares: Its David’s area right..hmm, so the terrorists and David gang are working together…
Basha: Why did you ask those ass to set the place.
Ares: (deep voice) If they decide the place, they think that they are in charge of the situation, I want to show them who is actually the BOSS.
That night Ares and Basha went to David’s place, there they saw more than 20 people (terrorists and David gang members), all were shocked when they look Ares. Ares sat on a chair.
David: Huh, what a surprise, Ares is none other than Vikram the CEO of VA group.
Basha: David, you said that we are going to meet only you and Syed (member of ISI), what’s all this.
Davide: Baaasha, let me speak to this so-called king of the underworld.
Basha: DAVID!!!, mind your language while speaking to Ares or else … (Ares signed Basha to stop) …
David: OR Else?? Huh… Or else what, look Basha, this is my area, every man and woman in this area is under my control….
When he said that the whole Dharavi lost power supply. David ordered his men to check what has happened, but nobody replied after about two minutes the lights got on. When David saw behind him, his men were nowhere to be found, only David, Syed, Ares, Basha were in that room.
Syed: (shocked) WHERE!! Are my men.
David: (shocked)W-WHAT had just happened.
Basha: huh, I told you to mind your words while speaking to Ares, now look what happened.
Ares: take Syed and burn him into ashes, ALIVE…
Some men came into the room and took Syed away.
Ares: I am going to give you two options to die David,
1.Our men are going to rip off your limbs and make you watch while they burn your limbs to ashes, and later burn you to death or….
2.They are going to take out your eyes, and cut your tongue, and burn you.
David: (crying)…
Ares: (devilish smile) COME ON, David don’t cry, you are the king of this area, just pick any of the above two options.
David: (crying)Please, spare me this one time, I have wife and kids…
Ares: hmm, wife and kids, ok I’ll plan something for them to join you in death.
David: (crying)NO, P-L-EASE, no…
Ares: Since, you haven’t made any choice, It’s up to me,… Basha bhai, first rip off his limbs and later take his eyes and cut his tongue… and make sure tomorrow morning there should be no trace of David’s gang.
Basha: (devilish smile) Ok, Ares…
Even though it sounds very cruel, it’s the normal for Ares and for the people who he works with.
After dealing with the situation, Ares drove home, on his way back he saw a pub, and thought to have a drink. While he was having his drink, a random beautiful woman came to him and started a useless conversation with him.
Woman: you, are Vikram right, the CEO of VA group.
Vikram: (deep voice), yeah.
Woman: Don’t you want to know my name?
Vikram: It’s none of my business.
Woman: am I looking hot and ….
Vikram: WOMAN…, What do you want?
That night the woman and Vikram slept together in his mansion.
Next day:
T.V News reader: BREAKING NEWS, ARN group, declared bankrupt, all the share investors are striking outside the main office of ARN group. The current Chairman and the CEO are taken into police custody for enquire.
Vikram: hmm…
Woman: good morning, Vikram.
Vikram: hmm…
T.V News reader: LATEST NEWS… VA group bought 76% of ARN group’s shares, from now on ARN group comes under VA group.
Reporter1: MR. Aditya wait, why did you buy ARN group?
Aditya: Yesterday, we had a meeting with the officials of ARN group, they literally begged us to buy their company. But we didn’t know that the situation was this worse. So as promised we bought the company.
Reporter2: MR. Aditya what are you going to do now?
Aditya: Our present target is to rise the ARN group from its ashes.
Bodyguard: Questions are over…
Woman: Still, aren’t you interested in knowing my name.
(phone ringing) …
Woman: w-what happened Vikram?
Vikram caught her by her throat laid her on the bed and took his gun. He kept his gun in her mouth.
Vikram: Woman, consider this day as your lucky day, because I am in a good mood or else you would have been a dead body by now.
He took his gun out and told her to run. She ran away.
(answered phone) Vikram: Hello.
Aditya: Saw the news?
Vikram: Yeah.
Aditya: Now, majority of the big companies in India are in our hands.
Vikram: hmm….
Aditya: By the way Basha bhai said that he left no trace of David’s gang.
Vikram: hmm… Ok, talk to you later
(call ended)
Vikram did not go outside for two days.
After two days
Vaishnavi: sir, sorry sir for being late.
Vikram: who the hell are you?
Vaishnavi: My name is Vaishnavi sir, I am Manjunath uncle’s nephew.
Vikram: why are you here?
Vaishnavi: Manjunath uncle is on sudden sick leave sir, so he sent me to replace him.
Vikram: You look like you don’t have any experience, what’s your qualification?
Vaishnavi: Sir, I have completed mb….
Vikram: Never mind, just stick to my a.
Vaishnavi: o-ok sir.
Vikram: what’s today’s news?
Vaishnavi: sir, today’s headlines are, Randheer is appointed as Assistant Commissioner of Police of Mumbai City and ….
Vikram: Enough let’s go to the office and tell Aditya to meet me in the office.
Vaishnavi: Ok, sir.
Meanwhile the new ACP Randheer went to the police station and met with the inspector Varma.
Randheer: Varma ji, which case are you handling?
Varma: Sir, I have a spy in David’s gang, he updates me the about every moment of David.
Randheer: what’s today’s update?
Varma: Sir, he hasn’t updated me from the last two days sir.
Randheer: hmm, What’s his last update?
Varma: sir, he said that David is going to meet Ares.
Randheer: what are police doing when they are meeting?
Varma: s-sir, police fear to enter David’s area sir.
Randheer: let’s check the CC TV footage of the roads that connect to David’s area.
Varma: SIR!!, you are a genius sir, why I didn’t get this idea before…
Randheer: because you are an IDIOT.
Varma: !!!
At the operating center, Randheer started checking for any suspicious behavior or common links that lead to David’s area, on every screen he saw a white color Mercedes Benz, he asked Varma to find whose car was that, Varma enquired and told him that the car belongs to Vikram.
Randheer: Vikram!, CEO of VA group…
Varma: yes, sir
Randheer: Then lets go have a talk with him.
At VA office Vikram and Aditya were talking about something, Randheer barged into their office, without any appointment. Vaishnavi tried to stop them but they didn’t listen to her.
Aditya: WHO THE HELL ar ..! (Vikram stopped Aditya)
Randheer: So, both of you are here, good.
Vikram: (deep voice) ACP Randheer, it’s a pleasure having you here, what brings you here?
Randheer: look at this car picture….
Vikram: yeah the car is mine, did you find it.
Randheer: You lost your car?
Vikram: yeah…
Randheer: have you written any complaint?
Vikram: no. Besides why writing a compliant if I can buy 100’s of cars like that.
Randheer: smart answer huh..
Vikram: stupid question…
Randheer: do you think you can escape from me.
Vikram: escaping is not my style.
Randheer: we will see..
Randheer said this and left the office.
Vaishnavi: y-yes sir, sorry sir, I tried to stop him but….
Vikram: what a cute innocent face, you are fired…
Vaishnavi: sir, please sir, I’ll do whatever you want sir, please sir…
Vikram: (smile)huh… whatever I want?
Vaishnavi got scared when Vikram said like that.
Vikram: haha.. you look even cuter when you get scared, I am not going to ask you what you are expecting, just go get us coffee.
Vaishnavi: o-ok sir.
Aditya: Vikram, what about Randheer.
Vikram: he is just a pawn in the play.
That night Vikram went to pub and Vaishnavi accompanied Vikram because Aditya told her to take him home safely or she would get fired. That night Vikram drank more and started stumbling. Vaishnavi drove him home and supported him to his bedroom and made him sleep. Next morning when Vikram woke up, he saw that Vaishnavi sleeping on the chair.
Vikram: Vaishnavi, vaishnavi….wake up.
Vaishnavi: huh!!…good morning sir
Vikram: did I do anything to you last night.
Vaishnavi: Anything??
Vikram: yeah, like sex or something.
Vaishnavi: (blushed), n-no nothing like that happened sir.
Vikram: hmm, seems like you are a good girl, let’s fresh up and go to the office.
Vaishnavi: HUH!!
Vikram: DON’T get shocked for everything, I am not asking you to bath with me, just go and ask the maid, she will show you where to fresh up… and if you want you can borrow her cloths for today.
Vaishnavi: o-ok, sir…
After fresh up Vikram was waiting in his car for Vaishnavi in his car, he was very angry because she was taking lots of time, when Vaishnavi came out of the house, Vikram was astonished by seeing her, she was looking very beautiful in a saree. She got into the car.
Vikram: You look beautiful in saree.
Vaishnavi: (blush) t-thank you.
After that they went to office.
While they were working in the office, Vaishnavi got a phone from her father, when she answered the phone an unknown person said that her father met with an accident and he was in a serious condition. She rushed to Vikram to ask him permission to go to the hospital. In his office Vikram was talking with Aditya.
Vaishnavi: (tense)sir, I need a day off today, please it’s an emergency.
Vikram: (deep voice), what’s the reason?
Vaishnavi: (crying) sir, my father met with an accident…
Vikram: Ok..ok don’t cry, everyone will think that I have done something to you, go now and report to work tomorrow.
Vaishnavi: t-thank you sir.
Vaishnavi left the office.
Vikram: Aditya go after her, and make sure that she is ok.
Aditya: Ok, Vikram…
Vaishnavi went to the hospital and enquired about the condition of his father, the doctor said that his condition was too critical and there is a risk that he might go into coma, the doctor said that they are trying their best to get the situation into control and left. She started crying, at this moment Aditya came to hospital. Vaishnavi was surprised to see Aditya in the hospital.
Vaishnavi: (weeping)Sir, why are you here?
Aditya: Vikram asked me to check on you.
Vaishnavi: thank you for coming…
Aditya: What’s your father’s condition.
Vaishnavi: (weeping) doctor said that my father might end up in coma.
Aditya: stay strong…
The doctor came out and said that her father has gone into coma. Vaishnavi started crying, Aditya also didn’t say anything.
Next day
Vaishnavi came to work, she sat beside Vikram in the car, even though her body is in the car her mind was on her father, on the way from Vikram’s mansion and office, there is a temple, when Vaishnavi saw the temple she started praying in her heart. Vikram observed that and stopped the car.
Vaishnavi: what happened sir?
Vikram: I’ll wait in the car go and pray for your father’s recovery.
Vaishnavi: n-no sir, it’s not requi……
Vikram: Vaishnavi, you know why people always tell their problems to god, it’s not like he is going to come and solve them, people feel revealed when someone listens to their problems patiently, so go leave all your worries in the temple and come.
Vaishnavi got down of the car.
Vaishnavi: Aren’t you coming?
Vikram: telling problems to someone is not my thing.
Vikram waited in the car until Vaishnavi came. After she came, they again started to the office.
Vaishnavi: thank you, sir.
Vikram: you can call me Vikram.
Vaishnavi: t-thank you Vikram, for you concern yesterday.
Vikram: (deep voice) don’t thank me, just concentrate on your work.
Many days passed by Vaishnavi thought she started to understand how Vikram thinks and one evening when Vikram was alone in his mansion she asked him to go out with her.
Vaishnavi: Vikram… can I ask you something.
Vikram: what?
Vaishnavi: do you like to go out with me.
Vaishnavi: NO! not a date, just I was about to for shopping and thought that you may like to accompany me.
Vikram: huh, why sudden shopping?
Vaishnavi: tomorrow is my birthday.
Vikram: ok let’s go.
They walked to the parking lot of his mansion.
Vikram: get in the car.
Vaishnavi: why take a Rolls Royce for shopping…
Vikram: then…
Vaishnavi: let’s go on that bike.
Vikram and Vaishnavi went to the mall on the bike, there Vaishnavi started shopping for jewelry and other stuff.
Vikram: do you want me to pay the bill?
Vaishnavi: no, I didn’t bring you here to pay the bill.
After the whole shopping was done, they decided to eat outside.
Vikram: what do you like to eat?
Vaishnavi: today let’s eat street food.
They went to a nearby street food stall and ordered the food.
Vaishnavi: I think it’s your first time to have street food, right?
Vikram: hmm…
Vaishnavi: why are you always serious?
Vikram: what do you mean?
Vaishnavi: I don’t know, your eyes… they look very focused and filled with rage, I occasionally see you laugh or smile, even behind that smile I can sense anger.
Vikram: let’s go home.
Vaishnavi: o-ok.
Vaishnavi stood up and was started to walk towards the bike, then Vikram started talking.
Vikram: I lost my parents in the 1994 Mumbai bomb blast. The way my parents died still revolves around my head.
Vikram started telling his story, he told that his family came to Mumbai for the summer vacation, his father left Vikram and his mother in the taxi and went to buy candies for Vikram, in front of their eyes the whole shop exploded, Vikram ran out of the car towards the shop, his mother was still in the car because she was shocked for what had happened, Vikram tuned to see what happened to his mother, the taxi driver was a suicide bomber while Vikram was looking at his mother the taxi drove into a group of running people and blasted the car. After everything is over Vikram got thrown into an orphanage home, there he met Aditya who is also a victim of the bomb blast.
Vaishnavi: after that…
Vikram: after that we ran out of the orphanage home, we became someone, not someone, something, we became something that you can’t even imagine.
Vikram said that they should go to home, and he dropped Vaishnavi at her home and left. Vaishnavi walked towards the main door and saw that the door was unlocked, she went inside with fear,inside Vaishnavi’s house there is a man standing.
Vaishnavi: DON’T come into my house without my permission.
Randheer: Happy Birthday, Vaishnavi.
Vaishnavi: my birthday is tomorrow.
Randheer: It’s already 12…
Vaishnavi: what do you want?
Randheer: huh directly to business… did you get any information.
Vaishnavi: I can’t do this anymore.
Randheer: you don’t have any feelings for him, right?…haa you have feelings.
Randheer: look Vaishnavi you are an investigative journalist and Vikram is a criminal if you stand by his side then you both will going to jail, and your career will end… what I ask you is just some clues that say that Vikram is Ares and Aditya is Devil…
Randheer said this and started to walk towards the door.
Vaishnavi: WAIT! just give me some time.
Randheer said two days and left.
Next day
Vaishnavi went to Vikram’s mansion but Vikram was nowhere to be found, there she saw Aditya. Aditya wished her happy birthday. She enquired about Vikram, Aditya said that Vikram is not at home and he went to deal with something important.
Vaishnavi: I thought he would be home…
Aditya: you can meet him tomorrow.
Vaishnavi: o-ok…
Aditya: I have some work to deal with today, you may take leave today as it’s your birthday.
Vaishnavi: Thank you.
Aditya said this and left the house, after Aditya left Vaishnavi started searching for the clues in the house, she searched the whole house but she didn’t find anything, she called Randheer to report this but his phone was switched off. After this she went to her house.
Next day
(phone ringing) …
Vaishnavi: hello…
Aditya: Vikram wants to see you.
Vaishnavi: is there somethin…
(call ended) …
Vaishnavi went to Vikram’s house.
Vaishnavi: what happened Aditya?
Aditya: nothing, just come with me…
They went into a room which is always locked, inside that room there is another secret door which leads to a secret basement of the mansion. Aditya opened the door and asked Vaishnavi to enter the room, after Vaishnavi entered the room Aditya also entered the room. The room was very dark and big, only the sound of a rod banging to the ground is coming from some distance. When she followed the sound, she saw Vikram who sat on a throne banging the floor slowly with the rod and Abdul Basha standing beside him.
Vaishnavi: Vikram, what happened?
Ares: Ares…
Vaishnavi: (tense, scared)
Vaishnavi: (scared)
Shouting this Ares stood up from his throne and went to hit with the rod, Vaishnavi ducked to avoid the blow of the rod, the rod hit a leaver behind her, two bodies tied to the chains dropped from the ceiling, Vaishnavi was shocked to see them one is Randheer and the other is Manjunath. Tears started in the eyes of Vaishnavi.
Ares: I didn’t kill them, I just introduced them to death.
Vaishnavi: (sobbing) s-sorry vik…
Ares: WHAT…
Vaishnavi: (sobbing) sorry Ares…
Vaishnavi: (sobbing) …
Ares: (devilish smile) you should be punished for your mistakes… hmm how should I punish you… WELL your punishment is to punish these ass.
Vaishnavi: (sobbing) please leave them…
Ares: huh LEAVE them… you know chicken… people won’t catch the chicken just to feed it and leave it, they catch it kill it, tear it apart after that they cook it and eat it…
Vaishnavi:(sobbing) please…
Ares: in this case I caught the chicken, you are the one who are going to kill them. For normal chicken first we kill it and tear them apart but for these chickens first we tear them apart and kill them.
Ares: Basha bhai… shut his mouth.
Basha gave a blow on Randheer’s mouth with a rod. Vaishnavi saw this and begged Ares to stop doing this.
Ares: don’t cry for this, this is just the titles of the movie the actual picture is yet to come… Basha bhai take these two to our warehouse… Devil cover Vaishnavi’s face and bring her there.
Ares took the three of them to their warehouse in the middle of the forest. There they opened the face mask of Vaishnavi, there she saw so many standing and there is a big furnace.
Ares: Come on, select which one you want to kill first.
Vaishnavi: (sobbing) please, let us go we will not do again…
Ares: since you are not deciding let me see…
Ares ordered his men to lay Randheer on the conveyor belt of the furnace and dragged Vaishnavi to the controls of the furnace.
Ares: come I’ll teach you how to use the furnace.
Vaishnavi: (sobbing)please stop…
Ares: (devilish smile) just press this button, and everything will be over
Vaishnavi: (sobbing)please…
Vaishnavi got scared of Ares’s shouting, she slowly moved her shivering hands towards the button. Suddenly Ares caught her hand and made her push the button, the belt started to move, for some seconds the whole room was filled with the screams of Randheer. After some time.
Ares: See it’s very simple.
Vaishnavi: (crying).
Ares: let’s go check out what you have done.
Ares dragged her to show her what had happened, there they saw only the ashes of Randheer.
Vaishnavi: (sobbing) YOU ARE A MONSTER…
Ares: MONSTER!!huh… these men here will listen to you for today, you can order them how you want to punish Manjunath.
Vaishnavi: (sobbing) let him go, please…
Ares: Manjunath…you were trying to dig pit behind me, I started digging pits all around you… tell me how do like to die.
Manjunath: (unable to speak)
Ares: Vaishnavi, how do you like your chicken with skin or skinless.
Vaishnavi: (sobbing) …
Ares: crying doesn’t solve anything Vaishnavi…
Ares ordered his men to peel his skin off, he turned Vaishnavi’s head forcefully towards Manjunath who was screaming in pain. Vaishnavi begged to let him go, after some time she lost her consciousness.
Next day
Vaishnavi woke up the next day, beside her Aditya was sitting, she turned her face away from him, he told her to have breakfast as she didn’t eat whole yesterday. She didn’t reply.
Aditya: if you are going to do like this then I am going to call Vikram.
Vaishnavi got scared by listening his name and started eating the breakfast.
Aditya: you are going to stay here until Vikram tells you to leave …
Vaishnavi: why and what about my job and what about my father?
Adithya: your father is in this house.
Vaishnavi: WHAT! what are you doing to him?
Aditya: cool… he is just getting the treatment at this house. Moreover, your father’s life is our major concern …
Vaishnavi: what happened to Manjunath?
Aditya: he is dead, (laughing) you should have seen him scream while he is dying…
Vaishnavi: (sobbing) you guys are monsters.
Aditya: if you start understanding Vikram then you won’t get scared off him, you will start feeling safe around him…
Vaishnavi: (sobbing) what do you mean?
Aditya: I first met Vikram in the orphanage, I was crying like hell because I lost my parents in the bombing…
Vikram: don’t cry, crying does not change what had happened.
Aditya: (sobbing) what should I do.
Vikram: don’t you want to kill those responsible for your parents death…
Aditya: how is that going to happen?
Vikram: take rest for today, we have time for that.
Next day
Vikram woke up Aditya early in the morning and showed him that day’s newspaper, the paper stated that the person responsible for the serial bombing in Mumbai is king of all underworld Arafat Ali Khan and currently he went underground.
Vikram: he is our target.
Aditya: how are we going to kill him?
Vikram: a diamond can only be cut by other diamond.
Aditya: I can’t understand what you said.
Vikram: Arafat Ali Khan… he is very power, very cruel… to take down someone who is more powerful than us we only have two options… one is to seek the help of a person who is much stronger.
Aditya: so, whose help are we going to seek?
Vikram: nobody, because his name itself strikes fear into the hearts of every police man and politician…
Aditya: What’s second option?
Vikram: we have to become more powerful and cruel than him…
Adiya: WHAT!!
Vikram: if you believe in what I say then come with me.
Vikram said this and started walking to the door of the dormitory.
Aditya: Wait… I am also coming, where are we going?
Vikram: we are going to run out of orphanage.
Aditya: WHAT!! Then what about warden…
Vikram: if you fear for warden it’s going to be very difficult for you to kill Arafat.
That day those ten year old kids ran out of the orphanage with a determination of killing Arafat. They ran to a nearby warehouse.
Aditya: so, what now?
Vikram: from today we are going to do so many things that ordinary people even can’t imagine… so let’s change our names to represent our darker side.
Aditya: what do you call yourself then?
Vikram: Ares, the Greek god of war, he is the most feared god of the ancient Greek people… you?
Aditya: I think Devil, the name itself strikes fear into the hearts of every person…
While they were discussing what to do next, the opportunity itself knocked their door. They heard a gunshot in the warehouse. They went to check out what had happened, they saw three men trying to kill one man, the man fell on the ground unconsciously.
Vikram: let’s save him…
Aditya: how?
Vikram started walking towards those three men with a rod in his hand, the three men saw Vikram and shouted at him to get away from there, while they were distracted by Vikram Aditya came from behind and hit the man with the gun on his head with a hammer. Before the other two react, Aditya hit other man in the face and before the last man hit Aditya, Vikram came running and banged the last man on his head. One man died and two men fell unconscious. They tied the two men. Vikram took the gun which is on the ground.
In this time the man who they were trying to save came into conscious. That man is none other than Abdul Basha. Abdul Basha stood up and saw the gun in Vikram’s hand and asked him whether he knows how to use a gun.
Vikram: I’ll figure it out later.
Aditya: Why are these people behind you?
Basha: it’s a long story…
Vikram: then make it short.
Basha: these guys are terrorists, they wanted our help, we didn’t help, with the help of our rival gangs they took us out…
While Basha was telling his story Vikram figured out how to fire with the gun, he pointed the gun towards those two men and shot them.
Basha: good!… will you two work for me?
Vikram: we don’t work for any one… if you want you can work with us?
From that day they worked with determination, focus, and more anger and cruelty towards those who come in their path. To cover their evil side, they started VA group of industries.
Aditya: those people we killed yesterday work for Arafat…,
Aditya said, “because our gang had hunted down most of the terrorists and wiped out every mafia gang that helped terrorists, first he sent Syed for compromise after Vikram killed him, he decided to hit us legally but because of Vikram’s foresight we managed to outwit him”.
Vaishnavi: How does he know that you are Ares and Devil?
Aditya: it must be the work of the spies; both of our gangs have spies to keep track of ever one we meet and to keep an eye on every mafia leader, unfortunately our spies were unable to find whereabouts of Arafat, but they were able to track one of the helpers, currently he is our key lead.
(phone ringing) …
Aditya: hello…
Vikram: Basha bhai wants to meet us in person.
Aditya: ok I am coming.
(call ended) …
Vaishnavi: who was that?
Aditya: Vikram…
Vaishnavi: why did they select me for this job?
Aditya: who?
Vaishnavi: Randheer and Manjunath.
Aditya: if I tell you now, you may commit suicide, so take rest …
Aditya said this and left to meet Vikram, his words left a big question mark on Vaishnavi’s face
Outskirts of Bombay
Vikram and Basha bhai stood there talking about something.
Aditya: what’s the matter Vikram?
Basha bhai: do you know what’s tomorrow?
Aditya: w-what?
Basha bhai: tomorrow is the day of all gangs summit.
Aditya: so, you will be going on behalf of us right
Basha bhai: this time Arafat is also coming… his first contact with all the other gangs after twenty years.
Aditya: HUH!!
Vikram: so, this time we are also going to the summit.
Aditya: WHAT, we will be revealing our faces to all the gangs…
Vikram: Arafat already knows who we are and remaining gangs they are not going to survive much longer after tomorrow’s meeting.
Aditya: why?
Vikram: you will only see… and ask Vaishnavi to come with us, she is going to be my girlfriend in the meeting.
Aditya: ok, by the way where’s the summit held?.
Basha bhai: Chennai.
Aditya went to Vaishnavi and told her to get ready as they were going to Chennai.
Vaishnavi: Chennai? For what?
Aditya: yeah, this time Chennai is decided as the place for the all gangs summit.
Vaishnavi: All gangs summit??
Aditya: why do you have so many questions?
Aditya explained like this “every year the highest powers of every gang meet at a secret place on this day, they discuss about the problems of one gang on other gang and try to make compromises and make some contracts, the contracts state the consequences the other gangs may face if they disobey the contract”.
Vaishnavi: have you made any contract with any other gangs
Aditya: our contract is same every year, we gave all the gangs two options one is to work for us, and live. Second one is to work against us and die.
Aditya said “the ones who state that they work for us have to sign the agreement accepting all the rules, if they disobey even one rule then they are also going to die, and the people most of the gangs who don’t sign the contract won’t attend the summit next year. ”
Aditya: do you have any other questions?
Vaishnavi: n-no.
Aditya: good, then go and get ready.
Vaishnavi: one last question, why am I coming to all gangs summit?
Aditya: you are going to be Vikram’s girlfriend …
Vaishnavi: WHAT!! It’s not going to happen…
Aditya: huh Vikram didn’t give you any choice, he decided you to come with us and Vikram has a habit he won’t say things twice.
Vaishnavi: huh!
Aditya: and I am warning you, don’t ask questions around him he is not as patient as me…
Aditya said this and left, Vaishnavi got dressed up and went outside, Vikram, Aditya and Basha bhai are waiting for her at the car. Vikram didn’t speak to Vaishnavi on the whole way from their house to airport. At the airport they got into their personal flight. Vikram sat in front of Vaishnavi. Vaishnavi was feeling a little uncomfortable sitting before him.
Vikram: are you feeling uncomfortable sitting in front of me.
Vaishnavi: n-no, nothing like that …
Vikram: if you behave like this at the summit, then this time you are going to get bigger punishment.
Vikram said like that and left to sit in another seat. After they landed, they went to a motel and took some rest.
Next day
They all went to the place where the meeting is about to start. There everybody was shocked because they don’t know that Ares and Devil are Vikram and Aditya. After some time, Arafat also arrived there. Aditya was unable to control his temper but Vikram cooled him down.
Vikram: control you anger, it can be used later… You stay here with Vaishnavi.
Aditya: where are you going?
Vikram: I’ll just introduce myself to him.
When they went Daniel came to Aditya.
Daniel: HELLO! Devil, what a surprise the GM of VA group is Devil…, I even don’t know your face… you know something I’ve been working for you for three years…
Devil: yeah Daniel, we don’t forget the people who works for us…
Daniel: who is this beauty?
Devil: she is Vaishnavi, Ares’s girlfriend…
Daniel: hmm, ok enjoy the party…
Daniel gave a lustful eye to Vaishnavi and he left.
Vaishnavi: who’s that guy?
Aditya: he is Daniel.
Vaishnavi: does he work for you?
Aditya: most people here work for us.
Meanwhile Vikram went to talk to Arafat. While he was going to meet Arafat, the bodyguard stopped Vikram and Basha bhai.
Arafat: (deep voice) let them in…
Hey Ares aka Vikram, is it ok to reveal your identity…
Ares sat before Arafat.
Ares: people who know me as Ares won’t survive much longer… You must be aware of that by now.
Ibrahim: WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE! While speaking to Arafat bha…
Arafat: IBRAHIM…
Ibrahim is the devotee of Arafat
Ibrahim: sorry bhai…
Arafat: hmm, nice meeting you in person Ares… looks like the summit is about to start… see you there…
Ares: yeah… you too…
Vikram went to Aditya.
Aditya: what happened?
Vikram: nothing… lets go to the meeting… Vaishnavi you stay here…
Vaishnavi: hmm…
They went to the mall where the meeting is held. The speaker came into the hall and everybody stood up. Once the speaker sat down everybody sat on their respective places.
Speaker: lets come straight to the point.
People having any problems can place their complaint…
The whole hall was silent.
Daniel: seems like there are no problems…
Speaker: anyone like to make any contracts?
Arafat raised his hand.
Speaker: you may place your terms and conditions, anybody who are interested in his contract can sign it.
Ibrahim: Those who want to work along with Arafat bhai can sign contract.
Arafat: FRIENDS… we are like brothers, we must support each other, signing the contract means working along with me… and you will have my support in every matter you deal… if we unite, we can crush anyone that comes in our way.
Speaker: anybody else like to make contract?
Basha: the people who already signed the contract knows the rules …
Anyways, I am telling this to gangs who are replaced by the previous unsigned gangs.
The contract states only two things
1.Work for Ares and Devil follow all the rules in the contract, and you can have your lives.
2.Work against Ares and Devil, you will die.
This offer stands even for you Arafat…
Daniel: MR. SPEAKER… I would like to sign out of my previous contract with Ares and like to sign the contract of Arafat bhai.
The whole room was filled with the people chattering, by seeing Daniel some of the members signed out of Ares contract. Ares sat silently the whole time, he asked them one last time.
Ares: (deep voice) everybody who signed out and the new members who are not signing in… is this your final decision…
The whole room filled with silence.
Ares: YES OR … NO
Everyone: y-yes…
Ares: good…
Ares left the hall.
Devil: raise your hands if any of you believe in god.
Nobody raised their hands.
Devil: then it’s better you start believing in him from today …
Devil also walked out of the hall. Outside the hall Ares was standing.
Basha: those As, let’s kill all of them…
Vikram: we still have time for that, I am going out like to join me Aditya…
Aditya: yeah let’s go get some fresh air …
Basha: what should I do?
Vikram: take Vaishnavi and go to the room.
Basha bhai was very angry about the meeting, he went to Vaishnavi mumbling and cursing about the meeting.
Vaishnavi: seems like you are in a bad mood…
Vaishnavi: calm down!! here drink some water…
While Basha bhai was explaining everything to Vaishnavi, Daniel finished the meeting and came out, he saw Vaishnavi and thought of proving he had no fear for Ares and Devil. He went to Vaishnavi. Daniel caught her hand and pulled her towards him forcefully. Vaishnavi was shocked.
Daniel: do you remember me, babe?
Vaishnavi: L-LET me go…
Basha: DANIEL! you are doing a mistake just let her go…
Daniel: What do you do, old man, the whole place is filled with my men…
Daniel pushed away Basha bhai and took away Vaishnavi, Vaishnavi started crying.
Night (Daniel’s place)
Daniel: come on babe, my body is getting heated…
Vaishnavi: (sobbing) please leave me …
Daniel started removing his cloths and was walking slowly towards.
Daniel: come on babe, don’t say that Ares or Vikram didn’t do this with you…
Vaishnavi: (sobbing) Vikram never behaved with me like this.
Daniel: satisfy me and I am going to leave you…
Daniel pulled her closer and started ripping her cloths, when he was about to kiss the lights in the house went off.
Daniel: these lights, they go off in times like this…
Daniel called for his men to check on the generator, but nobody replied.
Daniel: stay her babe… I’ll go and check what had happened…
When Daniel went down the stairs, he saw the fear of his life, Vikram and Aditya were sitting on the couch and beside them Basha bhai was sitting. Lights also got switched on, Daniel shouted for his men, but no one replied.
Basha: OOY! Come here you basted…
Daniel: (fear) don’t hurt me Ares you know how is behind me…
Basha: don’t lose your energy saying words like that…
Ares: we bought you a small preset for you.
When Ares signed to his men, they went out and brought a coffin.
Devil: your punishment is very simple we are going to tie you and bury you alive in this coffin…
Ares: for your sake we specially got this metal coffin.
Ares ordered his men to tie Daniel.
Vaishnavi was crying in the room, when she heard Vikram’s calling her, she went running to him and hugged him, Vikram held her by her sholders to see her condition, she was weeping, her cloths were partially torn and her there were finger prints on her face. He covered her with his blazer and told her to get in the car outside the house.
Ares: I thought of just burying you, but after looking at Vaishnavi burying you will not satisfy my temper… what should we do?
Devil: let’s leave him with the friends we bought today evening in the black market.
Ares: yeah… go get them.
Aditya went out and brought a big glass box, in the glass box contained a whole colony of Army ants.
Ares: you like to have company while you sleep right? Our friends here are going to accompany you for the whole night… they are going to like your taste.
Devil: as he is half naked there is no need for our friends to rip off his cloths.
Basha: let’s make it more easier for them by making him full naked…
Devil ordered his men to make him full naked and to lay him in the coffin. After they laid him in the coffin Vikram started pouring the ants into the coffin after all the ants went into the coffin Vikram ordered his men to close the coffin.
Ares: Basha bhai, bury this in any of the local cemeteries… Aditya you accompany Basha bhai… I’ll take Vaishnavi to the room.
Vikram went to the car, and he saw Vaishnavi was totally scared of that incident. He drove the car to the motel, he took her to his room, made her sit on the couch, tears were dripping from her eyes. Vikram rubbed her tears with his hands and placed his palm on her cheek. Vaishnavi got surprised, it’s the first time she saw Vikram take care of someone.
Vikram: you were very beautiful today…
Vaishnavi: (blush) t-thank you…
Vikram: now, go take some rest…
Vikram stood up from the couch and turned around to walk away from her, but Vaishnavi held his hand.
Vaishnavi: Vi-Vikram…
Vikram: huh…
Vaishnavi:( you said that I was your girlfriend, do you really mean it…
Vikram sat on the couch turned her face by placing his palm on her cheek and looked her in the eyes.
Vikram: you are more than a girlfriend for me…
They both came closer to each other he kissed her on the lips smoothly, she held his head from behind, they both kissed there for few minutes. He kissed on her neck and lifted her from the couch and took her and laid her on the bed. He again kissed her on the lips this time more passionate than before.
Vikram: do you really want to do this…
She didn’t respond for that question, and kissed him, he started to remove her cloths and she also started to open the buttons of his shirt and after that ……
Next morning
Vikram woke up and saw Vaishnavi still sleeping, he placed his palm on her cheek and kissed on her forehead. Vaishnavi also woke up and gave a smile looking at Vikram.
Vikram: I’ve to tell you something…
Vaishnavi: what?
Vikram: I am telling you this because I don’t want to hurt you any more in the future.
Vaishnavi didn’t know what to say.
Vikram: your father, Krishna Rao is not your biological father…
Vaishnavi got shocked by listening to that.
Vikram: you were a victim of the train bomb blast in Mumbai…
In that accident your head got injured and you forgot all the things before blast. After you got treated and admitted in the orphanage you were still on the wheelchair and you were barely able to recognize things. In those conditions you were adopted by him.
Vaishnavi: why did he adopt me?
Vikram: because he accidentally killed his six-month pregnant wife, we came to know this from your father’s dairy.
Vaishnavi: (tears) how did you get my father’s dairy?
Vikram: your father works for Arafat.
That day Vaishnavi is getting to know the dark side of her father.
Vikram: In the past you father used to supply bombs for all the terrorist activities in Mumbai, later he stopped that and started managing the bank accounts of Arafat.
It took us three years to track your father, your father, Randheer and Manjunath formed a syndicate to reveal my identity publicly, and your father is the one who decided to send you for a job at my place.
Vikram stood up and got dressed.
Vaishnavi: (sobbing) my father…
Vikram: huh..
Vaishnavi: is he a good man or not.
Vikram: that you have decide when he wakes up from coma, I told you everything because if our spies can’t track down Arafat then your father is the only way we can find him. If your father do not cooperate with us then we are going to use our methods to make him tell the truth… at that time I don’t want you to feel bad.
Vikram left the room to leave Vaishnavi alone.
After two days (Mumbai)
(phone ringing) …
Vikram: hello Aditya…
Aditya: Vikram our spies had tracked down Arafat…
Vikram: GREAT! Where is he now…
Aditya: Lolab valley, Kashmir…, it became easy for us to rack him since he came out.
Vikram: then let’s go hunt him down…
(call ended)…
Lolab valley (kashmir)
Vikram and Aditya took their whole gang to give a tough fight for Arafat but when they got there, they saw only less no of people guarding Arafat, Vikram’s men tore Arafat’s men and brought Arafat and made him kneel in front of them, this time Vikram and Aditya didn’t think about any ways of punishing him, they started to shoot him until the whole magazine in the gun unloaded in the heart of Arafat. Arafat had died.
Vikram: I am feeling very empty after we killed Arafat…
Aditya: yeah, everything happened very quickly…
Vikram: I think we overestimated Arafat…
Aditya: he is powerful but not as much we expected…
Basha: he was powerful than any of the person in India…
Aditya: then…
Basha: two kids decided to out power Arafat and made their dream come true…
Vikram: whatever, everything is over I’d like to go for a holiday…
After they came from the holiday Vikram married Vaishnavi and he slowly ended his underworld life, Aditya didn’t marry anyone but he also ended his underworld life, they sold out VA group of industries and started a simple life, Basha bhai became the care taker of the house.

-Y.Surya Teja