Walking through the aisle

“Dad, I am all ready.”
“I can see you in him.”
“Ohh, dad is it compulsory to get married?”

Three different statements, defined three different situations a girl goes through.
The day of her wedding, the day she confessed love and the day she was asked to marry.

It was the day of wedding
She was already holding the bouquet of red roses
Waiting for her dad to arrive and walk her through
Dad came, she gave her hand to his dad and they walked through the aisle.

She could see her man already in the black suit waiting for her
While she knew that she was walking with her father for one last time

And oh oh oh
She woke up as something terrible had happened
She ran into her father’s room
Where she could see her father sleeping peacefully on the bed

With the oxygen mask over his nose and the glucose bottle hanging over his head
There were a lot of syringes scattered over the bed
Tears were flowing through her eyes
As it was the last time she would listen to her dad’s advice

He woke up and she wiped her tears
Everybody in the room were watching the father-daughter love for one last time
Cancer’s never an easy fight
She didn’t want to leave her father in the daylight

“Princess, I love you and I am sorry that I can’t attend your wedding.”
“I will be busy somewhere in heaven, reading.”

She went and hugged her father.
She was then pulled apart because the fairytale was all over
And there will be no hangover

A fairytale of a father and his daughter is all over.
The bonding, the love, the understanding everything has come to an end.

“Are you ready to marry me?”
And she nodded her head and closed her eyes
She saw her father
“You are marrying me, daughter.”
“It’s your wedding and I am standing at one of those corners attending this.”
“You are never alone. I am always with you. Just close your eyes and you can always see me.”

“I am all ready, dad.”

Roshan Maur