What Is Social Media?

As I write this post, I realise that
I’m going to upload it on ‘social media’ or
send it to someone on social media.
What even is social media? A platform for
zillions to talk, to share, to upload, to stay
connected. But are we really connected?

Children gazing out of the window
at a lady picking up apples from the tree
and children looking at Windows from
"Apple". People then, used to write on
notebooks, love letters to their loved
ones, making their hearts wander in
happiness. And now, people write on
facebook, to their loved ones (with
49others) making their hearts Twitter.
Where did we loose those children?
Where did we loose those people? We
pretend to be unaffected. But are we
really connected?

We get up in the morning, hoping or a beautiful morning kiss on the
forehead by our loved ones, but NO, these
days we get satisfied by a mere heart ♥
emoji. How easily are our emotions
turned into emoticons. Where are we
losing this energy? We feel overprotected.
But are we really connected?

Go ahead and post what you want.
Well, no ones really viewing. A post is
never even almost. Yet we post and post.
Because at least it shows that we care

A care for the fake world and the fake
views. We are writing so much but it
means so little. Where did we forget to
hold a pen? When did we start caring so
much about people who don’t even care?
We are happy yet dejected. Are we really

Yahoo! we scream after seeing the
ones we wanted to. But now, a simple Hii
on facetime satisfies us. For once, I
repeat, for once, be real and forget the
Skype for it is nothing but just a Hype! We
get the attention but we are neglected.
Are we really connected?

Thousands of different photographs we click, edit our natural
beauty in just a flick, not the true self but
the artificial we mimic. Why did we stop
loving ourselves? Why are we so
obsessed with the unreal? Ah yes, we feel
perfected! But are we really connected?

-Pankti Parmar