Everything is in flux and is fluid. The key reason why man has progressed intellectually is because of one word – Why, and with time, the Why has changed into Why Not. As a caveman, he thought, "Why do I feel so cold?" and the answer was because he had nothing to warm him. First, he wore leaves, plants and barks of trees, then he eventually realised by accident that rubbing two sticks together causes friction and that causes fire and that is how he could get warm. So it is this Why that separates us from the animal kingdom.

Curiosity plays an essential role. Curiosity is not what killed the cat. Curiosity is what made the intellectual. Imagine if Freud hadn’t asked."Why do I have these fears?" Challenging the status quo is very important. Whether it is questioning our social environment, our personal lives, our religion.

I don’t know about God, but there is a supreme being who created this world. Because I cannot look outside my window at a tree and not exclaim, "What a work of art this is!" When I look at myself in the mirror, I see this whole structure of a human being with blood vessels and complicated nerve connections, etc. Someone, some designer, some great architect has built this whole world. There must be someone there and I think that someone puts you in and takes YOU out. He can put youin a nice rich family or he could put you in a slum. Then, I say, the rest is up to us till the time we depart this world.

We make our own karma.

You can’t be creative without asking Why. You cannot possibly invent a new idea or a new way of doing things without asking Why or Why Not? And no amount of questioning can ever be detrimental to growth. It always leads eventually to the truth.

Malav Shah