Sometimes I think why I started blogging. Writing is not my forte. I am not very good at it, then to I am always drove towards writing. Sometimes my language is not perfect, I do lots of errors while writing. My good friends always help me to rectify those errors. And I appreciate those comments. Maybe this has driven the spirit of writing inside me. Maybe I want to write because the selected few appreciate what I write and correct me where I make mistake.

Why do we write? We write because we are unable to express it thoroughly through our actions. We think, we feel, we express all through our little paragraphs to communicate with the world. So the world can understand, even if we are unable to express through our actions, we express by filling our soul into the paper. Nikola Tesla once said ” If you want to find out secrets of universe think in terms of energy and vibrations”.

Maybe be this is one of the secrets of our universe. By jotting down our thought processes, we transfer the vibrations of our subconscious mind into the soul of a sheet, converting the subconscious energy into the language we want to express. Maybe Tesla is right! This can be a good reason. The energy which channelized through the brain into the sheet can create a permanent long-lasting impact on the reader’s mind. Maybe that is what we want to achieve. To make reader what we think, to take them into our little fairyland and let them enjoy what we enjoyed or let them know what we have suffer. To pass on our experiences so that they can be careful while dealing with different things. Maybe this is the writer’s foremost reason to start writing. He wants to convey his stories in forms of paragraphs which starts in fairyland and ends there itself. Maybe he wants to create a perfect reality which doesn’t exist.

The only thing I find realistic is that we write to remove those vibrations out of our mind. We write to heal ourselves. So that the thought which is hampering our mind can be eradicated. After the transfer of the vibrational energy your mind gets a clearer version of yourselves. Agreed those energy can’t be destroyed, but they can be transferred from one form to another. And that’s what writers are good at. They transform those energy in ink and that energy gets through the reader’s mind.

If you write, then why do you write?
And why you don’t write?

Share your thoughts in the comment.

– Keyur Nandu