One thing I would like to make very clear that I’m not writing here with the intention to offend anyone. I’m just going to pour out my views and will answer this question. Well in some countries, atheists are perceived as terrorists and are considered to be distrustful. But that’s not the truth. My family members are firm believers of God. Even I myself grew up as a religious girl who would chant prayers but despite this I went on to become an atheist. With time I became more and more agnostic.

Now you only tell me how do we decide our religion and why are we bound to follow some set of rules which are not written anywhere in our constitution? Most people have little choice about the faith they grow up with: it was selected for them at birth, by the accident of geography and their parent’s culture. Slowly and gradually I realized that on the name of religion I’m practicing some illogical rituals and this religion has blindfolded everyone around me. Being a science student it’s shameful to follow meaningless superstitions. People are only making a spectacle of themselves by growing superstitious. It’s a known fact that our political leaders are making use of our biggest weakness that is blind belief on religion to fill their vote banks and thus spreading violence and chaos in the country. Practicing aggressive religious bigotry has only resulted in communal riots till now. Well things don’t end here, some business minded people are making huge profits by asking for donations and only God knows where this money is going. Instead if this money was spent on a beggar standing eagerly in front of that same holy place then it would have at least brought a wide smile on his/her face. How come these religions are preaching contradictory and misleading things even though we are praying and worshiping to
the same supernatural power? Some evil minded and disturbing elements are present in our societies who are allergic to peace and harmony and thus they are set to accomplish their evil motives. Best example to explain this is terrorism. They’ve ruthlessly killed lakhs of innocent people on the name of religion presuming that they are posing a threat to their religion. This proves people have completely lost their sanity. Even our media is busy adding fuel to this fire. People have gone so jobless that they’ve started engaging themselves in unnecessary communal riots. It has become so easy to incite a mob by spreading fake news and rumors through any social media platform and it takes only a few minutes to create nuisance. Let me give you another example. In Hinduism cow is considered to be a holy animal and so is its
urine. Doesn’t it sound idiotic that sprinkling cow urine helps in the purification of your homes? Take the current situation. Till now there’s no drug or medicine to cure coronavirus but there are some so called scholars claiming that cow urine will protect you from this deadly disease.

In fact education also plays an important role here at the same time. Only right education can make a person think rationally and only a logically sound person can contribute for the healthy functioning of a country.

There are many instances where on the name of religion people are practicing fraudulent activities. All these things made me believe that the greatest power in today’s world is science and humanity. For me humanity is above religion. But wait I’m not here to question anybody’s belief or to hurt anybody’s sentiments. I just want to say that you all are gifted with beautiful brains and you just have to use your brains wisely. Is there something beyond science? That’s still a mystery. But if you really believe in God then always remember, that supernatural power is watching your actions and its so disappointing that we are misusing it’s name. The root cause behind all these activities is fear and that’s our biggest weakness. At last I would like to conclude by saying that “Be a God loving person not God fearing”.

– Aastha Joshi