Writers Block

Block-Unblock. Lock-Unlock
Like-Dislike. Follow-Unfollow
There are things you can do, undo then redo.
Leave it astray, come back again & pick it up where you left it at.

There are places you abandon
Sometimes, it’s the place that abandons you
You can’t trace the path back
Not your memory; clarity is what you lack

You find distractions to be the only moments of pleasure
Deeply indulged, unable to comprehend
What’s real, what’s largely ephemeral
What’ll bloom and what’ll turn to ash

How your true essence
Your place of solace
Your usual escape
Is escaping from your life in front of your eyes
Like sand from your hand

A verse feels like an impossible, forgotten language
A word; alien language
Thoughts running wild, unable to chase them
Your pen doesn’t feel like a wand anymore
Ink flows only to scribble

Fog; ahead of your thoughtwarts express
Double-edged sword; your distractions
Blindfolded by something you can’t see
Ignited by your self doubts
Fuelled by the fear of rejection
Burning; your thoughts, feelings, your place of solace
Written in smoke "now you can’t even write well"

Days, weeks, months fly by
Still lingering in the back of your mind
You wander like a nomad
Searching for meaning in everything you do
Knowing but not believing that you have it all, within

To express myself
Days that I can’t comprehend & feelings I can’t decipher
For days when I feel lonely
When nothing else makes sense
But when the ink flows, everything does.
And when the only way to make sense of the world is blocked
It feels like you’re trapped in a box
Unsure of how you were trapped & the force that’s holding you still
Unexplainable, even through words

I’m no author, I’m no poet
Just a human who wants to express
My feelings and my emotions
Through my pen and paper.

-Ritvi Shetty