DJVU Writing Competition!

All you writers out there!

Aren’t you getting bored sitting at home all day?🏚️

Looking for a creative way to spend your time? ⏱️

DJSCE’s Literary Society, DJ LIT, is hosting an Online Writing Competition! 🖥️

Feel free to pour your hearts out! No restrictions, no specified topics; write creative content at your free will! ✨

So hurry up and get writing, because OnePlus merchandise and other exciting prizes await the winner in each genre! 🎁


  1. Fiction
  2. Non-Fiction
  3. Poetry


  1. While the topics are not restricted, authenticity is mandatory. Plagiarised content will not be accepted. ⚠️
  2. Also we should mention that anything too controversial/vulgar will not be allowed on the website and will cause disqualification.
  3. No microfiction. Minimum length for anything except poetries should be at least 250 words.
  4. Only entries in English will be accepted! We understand some of you want to flaunt Spanish after binge watching Money Heist but we gotta cater to a larger audience! Just imagine what if  Trump or Bolsonaro lost their way around on the Internet and stumbled upon your story….👀
  5. Only one submission per category!

Submission format:

Subject: Competition – Your Name


Instagram: Your instagram account handle

College: Your college name

Category: Fiction | Non-Fiction | Poetry


Your writeup in docx or pdf format

Send your entries in docx or pdf format:

Deadline: ⏲️

April 17, 23:59