You and I

It was one of those usual quarantine days, as I woke up feeling a little different,
Mixed feelings of betrayal, depression, sorrow and dejection took over my mind,
Bewildered at this I sat down, pondering over the hurricane of emotions that had risen in my head.

Searching for peace, I realised, it was finally time to face the demons in my mind,
It is gloomy all around me, I guess that’s what happens, when the sunshine goes away,
My heart longs for you but you are somewhere far away.

I keep myself busy with the things I do, but every time I pause, I still think of you,
I do not know, how to not miss you,
I guess, my soul yearns for you.

I still remember your smell, your charming spell,
As I switch on the memories tab in my head,
I cannot help, but sheepishly smile, at the tears I shed.

Last night I had a dream, we were walking hand in hand,
On a beautiful moonlit beach, over endless miles of sand,
What else, I guess it’s perfect, you and I.

As epiphany dawns upon me and I find my peace of mind,
I have few things to say, to the world and you,
I love you and GO CORONA GO!

-Sakshi Singh