“You do it, because you can”

“You do it, because you can”. Have you ever thought about this? What this statement exactly means? All of us make certain choices, and those choices come from or depend upon the position we govern.

Let’s say we are in a first-class compartment in a local train, and you see a person hastily entering the compartment or as normal as any other person. For a split second you have a thought,” this person does not appear to be someone who should be here ideally. He or she doesn’t look like they can afford. I think they’re travelling ticket-less. This simply shows us that we see and think about something that our eye beholds. But we can think like this because our position allows us to do so. If we try to summarize this positional difference, we can term it as ‘Privilege’. To understand what and where privilege manifests, we can engage into a series of examples of dailiness.

We live in a highly mobile and technological world. Perhaps, we have not thought about the places that are accessible by wheelchairs. Definitely there are people who might have thought about something similar, but this manifestation of privilege is extremely nuances and based on numbers.

Now there is a public garden in my area which is open for all the public. Once there was an inter-apartment competition between the kids that was held in the garden. The kids were playing different kinds of games and what not. A few kids from the “so-called”, lower strata of the society were trying to enter the play. They were not allowed by simply saying that they would cause disturbance. But when we try to think about this particular event, all the kids were of similar age group, but a few were prohibited from playing only because they differed in the positions of their families.

The big clergy households have people who enter through the backdoor to maintain and clean the toilet, and the drains. They have separate utensils for them, no one ever dares to touch them or even thinks about touching them. Why is it so? Only because they clean our waste?

Let us consider the current episodes in the world regarding Corona. While most of us are complaining about sitting at home because of all the lockdown situation, but there are plenty of people who don’t even have homes to stay in. Also, while we’re experimenting with our food and cooking, a lot of people struggle to find one meal a day.

This nuanced series of events will never end. The reason why I chose to write about this topic is because I really want to open up a mass discussion, among people who are aware or who aren’t aware. Is there something we can do? I don’t think we can unless you have an extremely authoritative position and you decide to stand true to it. In a nutshell we can all be a little empathetic and sensitive when it comes to dealing with daily events, we can try and think about it by using the lens of privilege. All of this is only because we personally do not face any
humanitarian crisis and the perks of privilege is that you don’t even get to hear that violates your basic needs. But basically, the way we deal with being privileged sensitively will benefit the entire humanity.

Eesha Pethe