You feel too much

I know… I know
How tough it is sometimes
To struggle between
The High and the low..
It’s just ‘cuz you feel too much,
Be it a friend or a foe..
I know.. I know
The love that those eyes hold,
The care and warmth that oozes out
Through the tears that flow..
It’s just ‘cuz you feel too much,
So deep, that your smile hides beneath the shadow..
I know.. I know
Your mind runs faster,
Chasing all those random thoughts
As you patiently look out through the window..
It’s just ‘cuz you feel too much,
Because the path that you have isolated yourself onto, is too narrow..
I know.. I know
That you have plentiful to express,
To a person near and dear
Who would surely help you grow..
It’s just ‘cuz you feel too much,
Much more than you even know..
Yet..! Yet I know
You will strongly sail through,
With those who know the worth of your emotions,
You’ll definitely emerge, with courage and grace,
And ofcourse, with that pretty glow !
You’ll be rewarded, for you feel too much ;
And for the much that you feel ,
You’ll be dancing again
under a beautiful and magical rainbow…!!

  • Shreeya Patwardhan