Futility of War

Rage within begins to roar,
Missiles in the sky begin to soar.
‘Everyone Charge’ is the order,
Result is injury, death or murder.
Faces filled with fright and stress,
All due to the bloody mess.

Planes above continue to fly,
Civilians below begin to cry.
Commotion and chaos all around,
Explosives planted are time-bound.
Minds loaded with grief and sorrow,
For many, there won’t be a tomorrow.

The enemy waits with arms in hand,
To destroy God’s own created land,
Not an ounce of guilt do they feel,
The scars left behind may never heal.
The globe has now been painted red,
All one can sense is doom and dread.

Dreams shattered; Lives lost,
Truly what a heavy cost!
Those in groups, now stand alone,
They can’t do much, so they mourn,
The bad men will constantly haunt,
But peace and justice are what we should want.

From what is visible,
The artist paints a sorry picture,
The cause being a chemical mixture.
Do you ever wonder dear friend,
Why doesn’t this someday cease or end?

  • Shawn Mathias