Hope is the crack of dawn right after a long and scary dark night.
The faint little ray of the sunshine reminds you,
that everything is going to be okay.
That you can and will get past this.
In times such as the current one,
you hope for people other than yourself.
You hope that children can get to play outside again.
And that the elderly can step out of the house for their evening walks.
And that the sick recover as quickly as possible.
You wish that the world goes back to being the busy, lively place it used to be.
You hope that the doctors find a way to save us
­from the vicious claws of this pandemic.
You hope to be healthy and wish the same for others around you.
And even though it may mislead us, we hope.
We love to believe, to have faith. ­
And it is important to hope that this world is a livable place,
that it isn’t as dreary and negative as it seems to be.
It is a miraculous place where sometimes,
hopes are fulfilled and dreams come true.